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  1. Currently on the eclipse in an RS a few thoughts ship is in great shape as well as the suite.Faster Wi-Fi package included with a suite has been very good enough to look at some video like Hulu We thought we would be escorted to Michael's club but instead it was a cattle call which took an hour to get on board. Sail away in sky lounge prior to 5 p.m. sail away told we could not get a drink until the ship sailed because they did not have a license to sell alcohol in Vancouver (What?) Luminae which was our favorite eatery on solstice has now been dumbed down so as to not offend any palette... A shame. Ordered a spicy bloody Mary in the ensemble lounge bar to find they had no bloody Mary mix or Tabasco. Took a half hour and four tries to find a wine (over $100) they had in luminae on board.... to be continued
  2. It's been a number of years since we've been on a Celebrity ship, but will be on the Eclipse next month, back to back to Hawaii. One of the problems for us was the loud canned music in every public venue. You couldn't get away from it. Is this still the case? Thanks in advance Jeff
  3. You have to go to Club Orange. Jeff
  4. On the ship now in a suite. Forget Club Orange! They just changed the name tag. Think Denny's at see What a joke. Jeff
  5. How about the name Club Summit or Club Elevation . I seem to have an awful long time on my hand today!
  6. I think the point is being missed about Club Orange (couldn't they think of a more sophisticated name?) This has nothing to do with Mariner status. This is a free upgrade for suite passengers. As we will be on the inaugural of the Nieuw Statendam in a Neptune Suite, I called Holland and they said that a Club Orange key card will automatically be in the suite when we arrive. They are taking a page from Celebrity in offering a private lounge (like Michael's Club) and a private restaurant (like Luminae) which are both suite perks. Unlike Celebrity, Holland is offering to let other stateroom categories buy into the suite guest's perks. So your Mariner status is on top of this . Yes, there is some duplication of the perks, but that's true of Celebrity as well.
  7. We just got off the Marina on Tuesday in a lovely Vista Suite and had the great pleasure of having the services of Churchill for 16 days. He is in charge of the suites on deck 12
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