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  1. So far only done 3 week cruises but never gained weight,try to keep up with gymn workouts but i eat and drink more or less what i want. Thinking of strategies for upcoming 2022 world cruise, ive always been slim and intend to stay that way.(i hope)
  2. Cruising is the only chance to wear nice gowns cocktail dresses. I love celebrity and like to dress nice. On holland america some guests dressed as if they were straight from farm work,we dont cruise holland america anymore.
  3. I bought an adrianna papell cocktail dress for quarter price. I can on ly hope i get to wear it. No where else we holiday would be suitable apart from cruises. There is so much thats tempting.
  4. Have looked into coach prices etc but cant find infomation about times of pickups where comfort breaks are. Also how many pickups before ours,which would be liverpool.
  5. Trying to decide what would be best. Have flown to southampton from manchester as part of package and also train from north west to southampton. Train was a bit awkward one change and handling cases. Have looked into sending cases ahead, will probably have more to manage as a world cruise. Then again may still be in similar situation but have to be optimistic and plan
  6. We are also deciding on travel to southampton for world cruise january 22. Would be interested in coach travel,sounds very tempting not having to handle luggage once on coach. Unsure of allowances though.
  7. Anyone had luggage delivered to the ship i.e. a big 20 kilo suitcase day of sailing. Specifically to southampton.
  8. I was hoping for june cruise but dont realistically expect it to sail. Hopefully september . So many nice dresses etc and have spent months in sweatshirt an d joggers. May wear cocktail dress snd mix a cocktail. 😎
  9. Love all the bling bags and dresses. Bought a "cruise dress"in sales recently hope i have a chance to wear it soon,it is full of sequins and beads so look a bit odd in centre parcs or a tenerife bar.
  10. Rum rat. Loved your tips on world cruising. Booked on aurora 22 and looking for all the tips and information i can find.
  11. We were booked on oceana this year but was cancelled,still decided to book world cruise as it is our 50 wedding anniversary in22 and aurora was rapidly runni g out of state rooms so we slso have taken a chance. We are booked on aurora june 21 so we will see if we like it though ,before world cruise.( Supposing they happen. )We have been with celebrity a lot,one holland america we didnt like at all and one cunard which was ok. Will look up the book you have recommended.
  12. Looks good. Thank you for the information. Picture of koala bear and bondi look lovely.
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