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  1. We canceled a cruise we were supposed to be on right now. It was NOTHING like the cruise we had booked about 20 months ago. Different ship (twice), completely different itinerary and yet HAL says they didn't cancel, we did. Go figure. Anyway, we got back our money in about 30 days give or take. The shore excursion money came back pretty quickly but the cruise fare took much longer.
  2. I suppose you could always just look to the cruise lines direct for their future cruises?
  3. I guess "everyone" doesn't know it's wrong, including HAL. My guess is that the "ban" on cruise ships was just an empty threat to shake down the cruise industry for more money. Maybe HAL paid the extra "protection" money and got a delay on Eurodam's fate?
  4. You could just start over. Go get a new shot (and card) and 28 days later get the "second" dose and you're good to go. Assuming you have time before the cruise.
  5. That sounds great. Totally different than what our PCC said 2 weeks ago but I like your answer better. At this writing, we have not heard any different from anyone but when you think about it, in reality, if the port hasn't been changed, HAL really has no news to tell.
  6. Our Eurodam flights from Venice were adjusted also. We used Flight Ease.
  7. True, I never thought about that. The robes are all the same size, the cabins are not.
  8. We just did this last week. We called our PCC (final payment was due in just a few days), we gave him our credit card for final payment AND the protection plan at the exact same time. No issues. If HAL cancels, we get the protection plan premium returned.
  9. HaHa. Agreed. Luckily, the beverage person found the missing items and squared it all away in typical HAL service style!
  10. Not necessarily. One time we asked the room steward to please empty the mini-frig. They did so and we never thought anything more about it. Bev. services re-stocked it and charged us for EVERYTHING that had been removed. The room steward had stashed it all someplace and didn't tell anybody where it was. It took awhile to get it all sorted out.
  11. True, I came back from a shore excursion with a full bottle of tequila in my bag. Not a peep from the screener. P.S. it was a gift for someone back home so I never did open it.
  12. UPDATE: Concerning Eurodam Oct 6-18, 2021 sailing. Just got off the phone with our PCC and he said that the plan now is to actually have temporary embarkation services set up at the Porto Marghera dock. There were rumors of having everything done at the Venice port terminal and then being transported to the ship after check-in there, but the word this morning from him is no, embarkation processing will be done at the Porto Marghera dock. This is actually good news because it saves time and hassle.
  13. Yes, we hadn't heard anything either so we specifically CALLED our PCC to ask the questions. We are getting close to final payment and wanted answers so we called him.
  14. We didn't ask specifically but it sounds like we will process in at the Venice cruise terminal and then tenders will take us to the ship. Passengers who are already on the ship when it docks in Marghera will be tendered over to the city.
  15. Our itinerary still shows "Venice" not "Venice (Porto Maghera)" like you would expect. I don't know how long our PCC has been with HAL but I'm guessing it hasn't been decades like yours so I don't know where he gets his info. Again though, this is for the Oct 6-18 sailing so maybe the earlier cruises haven't been figured out yet?
  16. Yes, sorry. This is in reference to the Eurodam Oct 6-18 2021 sailing.
  17. Just got confirmation today from our HAL PCC via phone call in reference to the Eurodam Oct 6-18 2021 sailing that an ORIGINAL (no photocopies allowed) CDC vaccination card will be required to be presented AT THE TIME OF BOARDING. No original card, boarding denied. Also, COVID tests will be provided at the cruise lines' expense within 72 hours of disembarkation.
  18. Just got confirmation today from our HAL PCC via phone call that the Eurodam WILL be using Porto Maghera in lieu of "Venice" for the Oct 6-18 2021 cruise. Tenders will be ferrying passengers in to town for excursions etc.
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