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  1. Before we found out about this rule we were planning on private tours only, with just our party and our guide who we had confirmed to be vaccinated. Now we will be forced to be on a bus with up to 50 people, including other unvaccinated children. It doesn't seem like this is going to keep us any safer.
  2. I didn't realize gold was the lowest level. It figures that we have 29 points.
  3. Can anyone tell me the current list of gold benefits? The website is very vague! TIA!
  4. I was able to get Walgreens to provide me with some documentation that I think will work.
  5. My next question is whether they will force us to get back on the ship immediately if we take a half day ship tour with unvaccinated kids, or if we can walk around in port after the tour. Anyone cruised recently who can report back? TIA!
  6. Thank you! I found it. I wonder if our chances of acceptance will be higher given the low ship occupancy rates.
  7. My extended family is cruising next week on JotS out of Cyprus and my sister's 2 boys are 2 and 4, so over course, not vaccinated. My dad says he called RCCL and was told "Families with unvaccinated kids can not go ashore at all unless they are booked on a RCCL tour." Can anyone who's cruised with RCCL recently confirm if this is true?
  8. I should clarify that I am from the US and sailing out of Cyprus. I also read that the CDC card is perfectly acceptable, but my dad says he has gotten a different answer twice when he called in.
  9. I'm cruising on Jewel of the Seas in 2 weeks. My dad booked the cruise and he said he called and was told that CDC cards are not going to cut it as proof of vaccination, and we have to bring a letter from our primary care position. I don't think this makes any sense at all, as the CDC card is the only proof of vaccination given in the US. I also don't have a PCP, since I just moved and haven't bothered to get one. If I could manage to get an appointment within 2 weeks, I imagine the conversation would be something like this ... Me to PCP: Can you write a letter to Royal Caribbean saying that I've been vaccinated? PCP: How do I know you've been vaccinated? Me: I can show you my CDC card. PCP: Why can't Royal Caribbean look at your CDC card? Me: They don't accept it. They need a letter from my PCP. PCP: So ... they won't accept the card, but they will accept a letter from me saying I looked at your card and it says you're vaccinated? Me: Yep. Sound a bit like a scene from Idiocracy? Anyway, straight from RCCL's site it says US persons need a CDC card OR letter from PCP. Is anyone else under the impression that we need a letter from our PCP? Thanks, Mariah
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