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  1. CCL is certainly doing well in the recent past, having gone up just under 25% since the start of the month and just under 20% this week. Hopefully, it will continue that trend! Tom
  2. Just out of curiosity, where did you cross the Tx-LA border, on I-10, between Newton & Merryville or further north at Shreveport? Tom
  3. No, that was a typo. <g> Sorry 'bout that. Should've read only the minority get drunk. Tom
  4. Not everybody is part of "a bunch of drunk people doing what they shouldn't" . In fact, in my experience, the minority don"t even get drunk. Tom
  5. I would have sworn that a couple of days ago I saw another another thread by the same poster that started out this thread and with the same data as shown in message #12 here. Do we now just keep repeating a thread until we get somebody to agree with us? Tom
  6. Regardless of how much cleaning Princess or any other cruise line might normally do, you wouldn't expect them to do some "extra cleaning" after a NORO or other unhealthy situation occurred during a cruise? Personally, I believe that the ships are kept pretty clean all the time. Of course since you apparently believe that "all this talk about cleaning" is done just for appearances sake to fool the government and future passengers, maybe they're just using plain old water with a small amount of Clorox or something else to make it maybe just smell like "real" cleaner. All part of some grand conspiracy. If that's the case, then you'll probably never go on another cruise with any cruise line again since the ships are so unclean and unsafe. Me, I don't feel that way, but perhaps you're right and I'm wrong. Who knows who is right?? Tom
  7. Princess can't make any final determinations until the government finalizes any plans that will come out of this situation. They can speculate on what they think might be the final plans but that's all it would be and might have to be thrown out if their (Princesses' guesses) aren't spot on. What would be the sense of putting out what would be only guesses? That's not keeping cruisers informed in the least. Tom
  8. Depends at least a bit on when and how you submitted your return and, I believe, whether you had a refund or not (not sure about that). Heck, it might even depend on who you voted for in the last election, who knows?! 😁 We submitted ours electronically on 9 March with a refund due and our stimulus check was directly deposited on 14 April. Tom
  9. Just out of curiosity how do you tell how many cruises someone has from a message? I always like to learn new things and that's something I sure don't know! Thanks. Tom
  10. Interesting! Never knew all that. Thanks for providing the info. Tom
  11. Sometimes it may be wrong, sometimes it isn't. Maybe the questioner is trying to learn more about something for a reason (e.g. In this case if I were a doctor maybe I would want to know why somebody wanted to practice medicine on a cruise ship because there was no advantags(s) to doing so that was obvious and I was curious about what I wasn't seeing. I would think that it might be more accurate to say that questioning why others do things is sometimes wrong rather than always. Tom
  12. There you go again, bringing facts into the discussion again. Darn trouble-maker! Actually, you have provided us with so much good info, you often make me wish that I'd spent my career in the Merchant Marine rather than flying for the Army. 😟 You Maine guys are sure an interesting bunch. Of course I've only met one that I can remember and he was running the Lulu Lobster Boat up in Bar Harbor. One of the most interesting excursions I ever went on. Thanks for the info you provide. Tom
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