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  1. Social media is slowly making the Cruise Critic Roll Call go the way of the rotary dial phone.
  2. Mark me down in the "do not like" column. That said it really did not impact my cruise experience. I think this is an interesting post.....sure beats another tipping thread.
  3. I only book a cabin on a deck that is sandwiched between decks that are exclusively cabins. Guarantees? No way.
  4. I'm not annoyed by the cutbacks.....I just choose to spend my vacation dollars elsewhere. I used to cruise 2-3 times a year. Now it is just once a year. Spending my vacation dollars on land based vacations
  5. Sorry...you have to get there early with the folks in steerage.
  6. We love the Escape...thanks for taking the time to share your review. I agree with you assessment of the main dining rooms. While it is not specialty quality, it is more than good enough.
  7. Celebrity Cruise Entertainment Question? It's underwhelming
  8. I actually think the last week goes by quickly as I am so busy with: Making sure I'm caught up at work Packing Booking airport parking Stopping the mail Having dinner with my daughter Etc..... But it's all worth it for a cruise.
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