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    O.K. I have had enough!

    He was banned for questioning things just as you are. UH OH. Better check YOUR mailboxes now! I know I will be! [CENTER][SIZE=6]c r u i s e t r a v e l t a l k (dot com)[/SIZE][/CENTER] Toodles, O' Power-Trip Powers that Be (or WERE as far as a lot of us are concerned).
  2. [quote name='pgh'] [LIST=1] [*]A move from the "top down" culture that is way too common on cruise lines, including NCL....implement soft skills and use empowerment..... [/LIST][/QUOTE] I guess I'm the only one out here who doesn't know what this means :o (or maybe the only one who will admit it ;) )! pgh, would you please clarify this for me? Thanks!
  3. Enforce the no-saving-loungechairs (and theatre seats). There have been lots of suggestions how--it doesn't matter how. Pick one. Just do it! Concierge/Butler service: if it says it's available, make it so. Train & hire more to cover the suites, or stop including the service with some categories. If a butler is so bad that your Concierge has to give you a new one, get that person into another position/some more training or better yet--fire his behind. Keep or build a smaller ship for Bermuda so we can still dock there and do indeed keep the 3-4 days at one place when in Bermuda itinerary. (Sorry, Seahound! ;) ) Train Customer Service to service customers. Have an adults-only pool area (like the Solarium on RCL--we liked that so much it will eventually win us back to RCL at least once more, freestyle or not) :p
  4. I know the forward balconies are windy, but the aft are too? I thought I'd read that they aren't ... anyone?
  5. greenie

    DAWN pics-Slide Show???

    I have a bunch of Dawn pictures on my Webshots page (see my signature below).
  6. greenie

    Cruise Connections

    [quote name='shoreguy']They seem too still transport NCL passengers [URL]http://freestylecruising.com/more/bus.htm[/URL] Special rates are available to NCL passengers who have booked a cruise and wish to travel to and/or from one of the NCL homeports by bus. All rates are subject to availability at the time of the booking. [LEFT][B][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][COLOR=#3366cc][B]Miami Sailings Contact: [/B][/COLOR][/FONT][/B] [B][COLOR=#cc0000][COLOR=#3366cc]Cruise Connection - please call 941-379-7900[/COLOR] [/COLOR][/B][/LEFT] [LEFT][B][COLOR=#3366cc]For more info: [/COLOR][/B][URL="http://www.cruise-connection.com/aboutus.cfm"][COLOR=#0000ff]http://www.cruise-connection.com/aboutus.cfm[/COLOR][/URL][/LEFT] [/quote] Shoreguy, what happened to your 20000th post? I musta missed it. Is there a link for it? I know you would have posted something wise and lovely. It would be sad for us to miss it and no good reason exists to take it away. Unless you acted like a bully cuz no body likes them too much. do they.:rolleyes: CCers have missed such an important post!! Do please lead the way to where it be and in what sky it do shine!Shoreguy be the MAN!:(
  7. I'm sorry that you got gypped out of what you were originally going to get and that you're so upset. And here I thought it was just Americans that immediately think of sueing!:rolleyes: I suggest you try and resolves it out of court first--I agree that a reasonable, calm letter sent where it counts is in order. Good luck, hope it works out more to your liking.
  8. greenie

    First time in Penthouse

    [quote name='sam0828']We have previously cruised twice (Norwegian Dawn and RC Voyager of the Seas). Both times had balcony cabins. I really was not happy (while in the cabin) and felt like a sardine. Let's not even discuss the bathroom. It was myself, husband and now 7 yr old daughter. I decided if I was going to be truly happy with my cabin selection, I had to buck up and get a penthouse. We are set to sail on the Spirit June 17th. I have searched these boards looking to see if anyone has stayed in cabin 10518. I can't find anything. Now, my question is, if anyone has stayed in that room, do you have any photos? What can I expect to be different on this cruise from the last 2? Any help is surely appreciated. Thanks![/QUOTE] Click the link in my signature--we were in 10022 (I think that was the number) last year. Absolutly WONDERFUL experience. Absolutely GORGEOUS cabin. You can't not love it! Have an awesome time, I'm jealous! :)
  9. greenie

    New Cruise Ship Concept

    Ick. Not for me, either! If I wanted to be around that many people and that many living spaces and restaurants, I could just stay where I am and save a whole lotta money! Ick.
  10. greenie

    My Soggy Spirit Review 3/23

    Jeez, what a bummer having all that rain! :( Well, I am glad you enjoyed your cruise anyway--you sound like a born cruiser with that attitude. I bet we read a few reviews of that cruise that are not nearly as positive as yours, just because of the weather! :rolleyes: We loved the Spirit and I agree that it was easier to navigate. I never got lost once, and trust me--that's unusual! Thanks for the detailed review.:)
  11. greenie

    NCL Norwegian Jewel Review- Just Back!!!

    That was a terrific, detailed review--thanks so much for taking the time to write it. We'll be on the Gem next February so I am gobbling up reviews of her sister ship as fast as they come in! :D That's wonderful that they treated you so royally. I'm wondering how, having an inside stateroom, you ended up going to the VIP party and having a concierge? That was lucky for you and must have really made the cruise special! What's your secret, c'mon do tell! :)
  12. greenie

    Reporting back on Crocs

    carmel, I'm glad you started this thread because I was thinking about posting my own after-purchase Croc experience. After reading your original thread I immediately looked up their website--I hadn't heard of them before, although once I saw the pictures, I recognized them. Anyway, we have a vacation coming up this month so I went hog wild and ordered several pairs (different styles). I buy pretty much everything online and/or via catalogs--especially shoes because I am a size 7 and I am never anything BUT a size 7, so easy to get what fits. I was pretty disappointed--I'd still buy a pair in a store (if I ever get to a mall which I rarely do) but forget ordering them online, the sizing was all over the map! I bought a pair of the "Scoots" for myself and for my boyfriend. Mine were fine, his were too big (they were his usual size). I bought the beach ones for myself--HUGE. I ordered a 7 and they were marked 7, but my feet swam in them. I ordered another style for myself as well--can't remember what they were called. One was too big, the other was slightly too small! I ended up returning 2 out of the 4 pairs (BF would have returned his pair too, but he decided to keep them because we wouldn't get replacements in time for our vacation) and not re-ordering. I didn't want to chance it again and have to pay return postage twice. So, there you are.My advice would be to only buy them in person when you can try them on.
  13. greenie

    Another Happy Ending

    That's great news, Carol! I'm so glad it worked out for you guys.:) Hoping to hear some more happy endings, too.
  14. greenie

    Alpha Echo ???

    ECHO=to let out a line slowly.
  15. greenie

    The Gem in Winter

    We sailed out of NY last February (2006) and are booked to do so again next February. That's our favorite time! That's the time of year we most need a vacation in the warm caribbean and we don't have to worry about flying anywhere. It's pretty cool leaving on a cruiseship when it's winter--standing out on the balcony or an upper deck with the freezing wind in your face, knowing very soon those winds will be warm and balmy. Wearing a winter coat onboard and shedding it for something lighter the next day. Then no coats at all til you come back home. We love it.