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  1. Something I noticed when looking at the oddysey is that it had a lot more cabins categorized as obstructed whereas on the sister ships they weren't. A lot of the obstructed balconies were on deck 8 or 9 so definitely not lifeboats blocking your view. I think it has something to do with Asia or Australia thinking that if you have something obstructing your look down on the water it is obstructed whereas in the US we don't. There are some great "obstructed" extended balconies as well as the longer "square" cabins that are a really great value on the oddysey that they charge extra for
  2. The TV's on the Vista were large flat screens, probably somewhere between 40-50 inches.
  3. If the cruise is the same length, yes the menus will be the same except for the port inspired food which might be different if you are going to different ports. If your cruise is shorter than 6 days you will have the modified, no lobster formal night menu.
  4. This is true, I was trying to think if it was RCCL or RCI, thank you.
  5. No, I just think Celebrity won't cancel a RCCL cruise, this is the RCCL board. Edit: accidentally put RCL instead of RCCL.
  6. I agree with this and hope they will as well. For these kinds of things I try to be safer than sorryer so that's why I assumed they wouldn't.
  7. You have to do it while it is an active booking, so before it's cancelled, there is slightly more info on the L&S thread. I'd be surprised if Celebrity cancelled that sailing.
  8. I'm not, I was thinking that was what made the cruise be listed as 15 days rather than 16.
  9. https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-details/15-night-bering-sea-and-japan-transpacific-from-vancouver-british-columbia?packageID=ML15T093&sDT=2020-09-11&cCD=CO Are you allowed to disembark anytime once you get to Tokyo? Thanks in advance.
  10. Now I am getting excited. The specialty dining options menus look significantly better then the MDR, The MDR menus look like something off X but the specialty look like actual restaurants menus. Can you eat everyday in the specialties? Is the MDR better than I'm assuming?
  11. Thank you, I very much appreciate it. I have heard from people who have sailed O that they always have lobster tails in the buffet freshly grilled, Is this still true?
  12. Thank you for your info. Do you remember if there was any special menus offered in the MDR or in the specialties? Also what did you think of the ship? Was it before or after refurb? Thanks again.
  13. Thank you, it looks great, was this before or after the Renovation of the R class ships? Is the renovation generally liked here on Cruise Critic? Edit: Sorry didn't realize Marina wasn't R Class. If anyone has any opinions on the R class I would love to know though.
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