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  1. also onboard right now since May 11 out of Boston.. for 4 weeks.. until June 8.. 5th year we've done this cruise.. last year on the Veendam also added Bermuda.. leaving QC earlier than planned yesterday afternoon at 330pm so ship could clear the 2 bridges south of the city.. on Sports Deck as we made the pass under .. close.. officially from the ship's bridge it was 5 feet of clearance -- that happened to be the minimum clearance needed-- so it was on to Montreal.... to the temporary 'tent city' terminal about 2 miles north of the city as ship cannot clear the Montreal bridge to the new terminal.. a non-sunrise at 522am this morning.. mostly cloudy skies.. nice full moon setting in the west at about the same time.. btw-- we always say 'this is the lobster cruise'
  2. I too remember those same words on the old Westerdam that the Captains used to spew out back then .." HAL will never build bigger ships".. unfortunately they were wrong.. money factor won out
  3. just curious and thinking out loud .. for what reason if you had a TA already would anyone want to wait to transfer a booking made onboard rather than just give the info to the onboard CC.. we always book it and transfer it onboard at the same time
  4. looks like we'll be seeing a lot of QC on this upcoming 28 day cruise starting May 11 out of Boston.. we've done this cruise 5x over the past 6 years the same time of year---what we like to call the 'Lobster Cruise'-- had a couple of close calls with the bridges north of QC but always made it thru .. closest was less than a few meters in the center of the channel ( according to the Captain).. we happen to like QC a lot ..one must adapt.. have fun... enjoy and snap those pics any chance I get 🙂 here's a few pics from My SmugMug albums of the Bridges north of QC as the Maasdam passed under them--May 2015 14 day roundtrip Boston cruise https://stakeout.smugmug.com/MaasdamCruiseBostonMay232015/Quebec-City-May-31 https://stakeout.smugmug.com/MaasdamCruiseBostonMay232015/Montreal-May-30
  5. thanx Copper.. appreciate it.. FYI.. just an update.. been retired 29 years this coming July from 'on the job' Suffolk County NY.. and never looked back.. 'my other life' 🙂 🙂
  6. that is CORRECT.. Tampa not Ft Lauderdale.. sorry about the mistake.. I guess I always have Ft Lauderdale on my mind when leaving south Florida
  7. Hi C... how about a month earlier on the Amsterdam Sept 30 2019 to Peru.. Capt and HD??.. we'll be doing back to backs 79 days along with the South Pacific Oct 28.. and thanx 🙂
  8. FYI.. just about right behind you by about a day is the Rotterdam on its Transatlantic from Ft Lauderdale-- announced they are bypassing France and Belgium because of the bad storms and heading directly to Holland.. we were told by a couple we know onboard
  9. thanx again for keeping all of us updated ..appreciate it 🙂
  10. HAL just committed to building another 'big ship' -- same-same size as the Koningsdam and N Statendam.. it'll be called the Ryndam I wouldn't hold my breath about HAL getting another small ship.. HAL makes the money on the bigger class ships
  11. sorry 'bout that.. I corrected it below in another post
  12. AFAIK going over to Seabourne will not carry with it any HAL Mariners Days and HAL Benefits.. a separate entity although they are in the same HAL Group along with Princess-- bottomline I like my 'free laundry' 🙂
  13. well aware that both Maasdam and Veendam were up for sale a while now.. however.. in October 2017 they both got a reprieve and a 5 year commitment from HAL to be kept in the 'stable'... the Maasdam doing those Boutique Cruises and the Veendam doing the Cuba cruises
  14. here's the correct link about the Volendam up for sale https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1993/cruise-ship-1258-1605-passengers--stock-no-s2043-3012360/?refSource=standard listing
  15. got off the Volendam last week after a 30 day round-trip Canal cruise out of Ft Lauderdale.. our 8x doing this roundtrip over the years.. just wanted to pass on some 'scuttlebutt' from reliable sources that we picked up while onboard.. the Maasdam.. Veendam as well as the Volendam are all supposedly up for sale... here's what appears to be the Maasdam's listing that I found Maasdam For Sale Listing we've been on the Maasdam 28x over a span of 546 cruise days.. still our favorite HAL ship looks like HAL is continuing on the path to no more small ships.. sad 😞
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