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  1. I am planning on trying to find a cruise to take for us my hubby has always wanted to go to germany-- most of the more well known ones such as disney--RCL princess carinval celebrity and a few others but most of these go to other ports that were not interested in but in doing a search I found fred olson--but know nothing about them they have a few very interesting cruises to germany so Im looking for any tips and advice for the ships and ports also price since it looks like this cruise is out of England since all prices looks to be in british pound I need alot of advice on what is there to do on the ships dinning port adventures--basially anything and everything--also staterooms so thanks for all help you can give me
  2. just by thought did the CC used for the deposit have travel insurance with it ours does and we had to cancel a trip a few years ago--and the CC I used has the travel insurance as one of the perks so when I had to cancel we got every cent back from the trip this perk is free with the card sorry if someone else already mentioned it--I didn't read all the pages good luck
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