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  1. I am planning on trying to find a cruise to take for us my hubby has always wanted to go to germany-- most of the more well known ones such as disney--RCL princess carinval celebrity and a few others but most of these go to other ports that were not interested in but in doing a search I found fred olson--but know nothing about them they have a few very interesting cruises to germany so Im looking for any tips and advice for the ships and ports also price since it looks like this cruise is out of England since all prices looks to be in british pound I need alot of advice on what is there to do on the ships dinning port adventures--basially anything and everything--also staterooms so thanks for all help you can give me
  2. just by thought did the CC used for the deposit have travel insurance with it ours does and we had to cancel a trip a few years ago--and the CC I used has the travel insurance as one of the perks so when I had to cancel we got every cent back from the trip this perk is free with the card sorry if someone else already mentioned it--I didn't read all the pages good luck
  3. for our 40th anniverary next year we are looking to do something special were thinking of spending some time in England and then doing some sort of cruise that goes to Germany-- are there any cruise lines that even go to Germany as one of there ports--or we were thinking of doing a river cruise in Germany--but dont really know to much about the ships--like what is there to do if you dont feel like going off the ship or even a guided tour of Germany--but again I dont know too much about them approx how many people are on the tours--if you dont feel like going on a tour can you stay at the hotel--do they have a few different tours in each city (or do you just stay in one city) that you can pick from sorry about all the questions but were really looking into something near thanks all
  4. thanks for all the very helpful replies--sorry I didnt say thanks sooner though someone gave me a website that had just what I was looking for plus a few extras thanks again
  5. thanks for the great website not only did I order the vatican one I also found a few other thinks I liked hopefully theyre come soon thanks again
  6. thanks for the helpful replies where on line would I find the replica
  7. we were on the Med cruise last year and while on the tour of Vatican city we were so focused on getting my mom the perfect rosary that we forgot to pick up a replica of the vatican so if someone is on this cruise regaudless of cruise line would be willing to pick one up for me I would greatly appriecate it its in the shop to the left as your facing the vatican its where all the rosaries are I would pay for item and other charges with getting this to me--it doenst have to be big thanks for the help
  8. we were on this cruise last year--on our tour of the Vatican we were so focused on finding the perfect rosary for my mom that we totally forgot to get a small replica of the Vatican so if someone whos going will be willing to pick one up for me I would greatly appreicate it I will pay for the suvounier and postage they were in the shop to the left of the vatican as your walking in--its the shop with all the rosaries thanks all
  9. we are thinking of going to Hawaii for out 40th anniversary next year--we have been to Hawaii several times but this time were thinking of a cruise first were looking for a good cruise line--weve done DCL and RC and years ago Preiemer are there any that spend like 2 days on an island-says dock on Mon -Mon night and not leave till say Tues night--so we have some time to do a few tours--weve done cruises to Europe and since you sail at night every morning your in a different city--so you really have to pick the best tour since you only have time for one hope that all makes sense-- even though weve been there a few times theres still things we didnt get to do and some things wed like to do again-- any other tips or advice would be great thanks all
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