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  1. Very interesting... we who know and love the “team” will just have to game it out for a while. If Carl, Johannes, Heike and Eric stay..what the heck. I’m in for 40 cruises, so obviously I’m staying for a good 👀 look at how it goes. I don’t want to change my name after all. 😎
  2. With the addition of Silver Seas to the RCL quiver it seems Azamara (I love Azamara..40 cruises) may become redundant and expensive to operate. Tough times at Corporate HQ I am sure. Fingers crossed..But Azamara staff on Silver Seas beautiful ships, not an altogether bad idea. Must keep Azamara staff==they are the best! BTW Good-Bye to Phillip Herbert--great person.
  3. Azamara's hands may be tied by restrictions in various ports ... I am a rarely excursioner and would consider forced excursioning a deal killer. That said I believe the ports of call would want to contain the passengers in some fashion to keep a lid on contamination. It is going to be a very big issue, mark my words.
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