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  1. Unlike on the other ships it will be wind proof as partof this Oasis Ship to be consiered as a cold weather ship and will be some kind of glass construction and likely colorfull.
  2. Let's call it a different experience. But when it comes to hygiene standards, even many western passengers did not comply to the basics of washing their hands often, especially before entering a food venue and disinfecting. Here the attitude must change for all the ones that didn't take care of this before when cruising. I am very positive that crusing as long as COVID is amongst us can work, but it will require a lot of discipline especially from each passenger. It's enough if one passenger will have it to spread it to many on the ship. Same applies of course also for the crews, but if quarantine procedures will be handled well from the cruiseline before they will start working I am not to worried about this element. Nevertheless in order to start cruising out of North America you also need to bring the virus under control, hence Q1 2021 seems to be the earliest. You need to differenciate between cruises on RCL in Asia, which are mainly catered to the local market whereas the cruises from X are catering for international customers.
  3. I suspect X and RCL will not start sailings from North America before some point in Q1 2021, hence the capacity is not needed. Would likely be economicallly the best to keep Appex in Europe at the Shipyard and only start using her for European Summer season 2021.
  4. It only seems feasible to base a ship for a few sailings before or after a Alaska Season for either X or RCL to do a few coastal sailings or offer some Hawaii and or South Pacific roundtrip sailings for ships that come before and after through the Panama Canal from the Caribbean. Nevertheless these are specific itinararies already offered by Princess and Holland America and smaller cruiselines, hence I don't know if the demand would even be there for something like this.
  5. Most likely we will see no cruises depart by then of RCL and most other companies from North America. Should Empress ever get back into service, which I highly doubt, I guess she will be most the last ships to get back into active operations.
  6. This still doens't mean anything, unless RCL still tries to get some $ to sell the ship there is absolutley no need for it in their fleet anymore. Under the current environment it makes absolutely no sense economically to keep the ship in the fleet for passenger cruises. Maybe they will use Empress and Majesty to transport cruiseship staff from Asia to cruisehips in Europe / North America and simultaniously will use the vessels as quarantine before staff can board the ships on which they will work. Once this task will not be needed anymore, both ships will be scraped and or sold.
  7. I think for North America especially, I doubt we will be able to see any cruises from RCL or X before Q1 2021 earliest as things are moving currently.
  8. I don't want to put the blame one anyone but I would have more faith in RCL which includes the TUI brand than Hurtigurten on their safety protocols, hence it looks like their crew members were not sent to quaranten before being sent to board the ship. Considering their ships being quite small, 36 staff teste positive is a lot. It shows again how sensitive the whole re-start is and not to forget from the logistics point of view most ship workers originate from India, Indonesia and the Philipines, countries where numbers are also quite high. Hence, unforunately another indicator that once we will see a restart it will be a very slow one at the begining, step by step one ship at a time likely.
  9. I didn't check if they would offer it next year, but Empress was the only ship for instance that could sail up to Montreal. Since demand will anyway not receover by then, all Empress itinararies would be cancelled in that scenario and not replaced. Given that colder water is better for cold layup, it is strange in case Emrpess is heading direction Malta. Maybe she really is finally on her last journey.
  10. It would really not be a bad idea that X and or RCL will dedicate one or two ships each year during European / US winter for a world cruise, which is a niche market and if done right with unique itinararies could be high yielding business for the cruise line. One option would be to book the whole itinarary and the other one would be to split the cruise up into various seperate itinararies that could be booked with duration of let's say 14- 21 days for instance. Like this there shouldn't be a issue to fill the ship at higher yielding fares.
  11. It would make sense to amend it, maybe D+ only as of 250 or 300 points.
  12. Wouldn't recomend you to book a cruise in winter out of NJ if you are not ok with rough weather + taking last minute changes to the itinarary in place caused due to weather.
  13. June and September 2021 seem to be realistic so far, especially out of Europe 🙂 The CDC will extend the no sail order as long as the situation in North America is not under control. Even if for some reason they wouldn't non of the major cruise lines will dare to start operations before the COIVD situation is under control in the US, hence if things go well not before some point in Q1 2021 earliest.
  14. Some local island hoping cruises offering 3 and 4 nights seem to be planned as of August.
  15. Best is to check one of the Trip reports involving a Oasis Class Ship, one of them sure has a Menu posted. Breakfast menu at Jphnny Rockets never changed over the years, Eggs, pancakes etc.
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