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  1. In addition to the Perks part of his status he had his own "office" a sign the crew gave him which he would use to have a area on the pool deck reserved for him where he would do his work. He likely received here and there more invitations by officers to speciality restaurants / supply of drinks compared to other members. To be fair the company also uses him for marketing purposes so if he gets here and there more attention and perks I guess that is ok.
  2. I hope the senators have more serious things to do than dealing with the CDC decision on when cruising should resume.
  3. During Winter months there used to be something called Influenza which was replaced this year by COVID 😉 Then again wearing of masks etc is helping a lot the spread of the flu (influenza) against Noro only personal hygiene, which hopefully people in general will take more serious also after COVID.
  4. This depends, not sure if this was asked before however if a lot of the crew will receive the Chinese Vaccination which is significantly less effective than PFIZER / BIONTECH or MODERNA this could also be an issue.
  5. This year only cruises will take place that will / have been newly announced recently. Hence if you are refering to a itinarary you booked before this is not relevant as eventually it will get cancelled anyhow.
  6. Q2 2022 does make senses from a logical point of view. We will likely first see the start up of cruises out of Florida and even when Winter is approaching with flu season etc it might not be a priority to start offering cruises in the Winter months out of Bayonne or Baltimore for instance and wait with this until next year.
  7. It depends on the ships but going every night to a Speciality Restaurant could become boring as well. Taking a 3 night package seems reasonable as there are also days with nice menus at MDR which you don't want to miss either.
  8. I think you made a wise decision 🙂 In these times any holiday someone plans has a realistic likelyhood that it will not hapen, but on the other hand the chances are very realistic that they will happen like these cruises that were designed for the current times and not some itinararies that have been floating around but were not yet cancelled.
  9. RCL is not a Floridian cruiseline and when it comes to health and safety protocols RCL and only them will decide what is required or not onboard and will sure offer strickter rulesand regulations than following what a State is doing.
  10. These events will likely continue to happen, maybe not at this stage but later on when things are back to a new normal.
  11. The Lounge perks for instance were created by the C&A program amongst others when there were many less members / upper tier members. It is time for the program to be reinvented to meet the new circumstances. Hence RCL has a great opportunity now to do so, one of the perks that turned out to be absolutely non sense are the over crowded lounges. Here we hope that RCL will find new solutions such as permantenly getting rid of the Lounge happy Hours and provide more dirnk vouchers to be used throughout the day. Who knows where the jounrey will go, maybe eventually RCL will also start to sell a
  12. Let's say it this way, the disembarkation day is by far the worst and unpleasant experience of the cruise. This is the one day where it would be nice that a solution could be found to make this experience more pleasant / relaxing to end the vacation, something on cruise industry level. Therefore it's almost more relaxing to be one of the first people disembarking the ship with your luggage at your own pace and no lines than waiting around and being stuck in lines before being able to leave the ship at 9 or 10:00am
  13. Again, the cruise industry is not only Royal Caribbean, hence the CDC will not decide based on the strategic decisions taken by RCL like the move to begin operating ships from Countries / ports that gave them the approvals to do so. It really seems that you are on some conspiracy theory trip.
  14. RCL is a global cruiseline after all and does not only cater to a clientele that is in driving range of a port. There will be enough demand for North American cruises that will be willing to get on a plane to Bermuda or the Bahamas to pay a premium and finally get back on board. At this stage it's about getting the operation back to business step by step and as things are going with the CDC RCL had to look for alternative options. Don't forget RCL is only one of many cruiselines that are eager to get back sailing from US ports, hence there is more than enough preasure on CDC.
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