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  1. Unfortunately on APEX you can only get freshly squeezed juices at BLU and LUMINEE for which you need to have the eligible cabin category to access these venues. At RCL they also sell freshly squeezed juices both at the MDR and at the equivelant of Ocean View, hence quite annoying why this is not the case at X
  2. X would be more than happy doing those cruises but at this stage it is not clear when Japan will open it's borders + when they would allow cruise operations happening again. Hence, for logistic reasons it was probably more economical to already cancel the whole season now.
  3. Enjoy your cruise. How does it look with the total passengers on board for this sailing and the projections for the next ones? Supposedly they had only 300 or so passengers on one of the last sailings.
  4. Here it sounds like wanting to leave the ship early at a different port of call. I doubt that COVID will change anything to disembark the cruiseship a day early if already if the ship has already a overnight at the port where the cruise terminates. It's also a matter of customs and ship clearnace which the ship has at the time passengers are free to explore the destination. As mentioned by others here already, it would be quite a miracle if the Japan cruises in March and April 2022 will actually happen. For one, the vaccination rate will need to be drastically increased and as a result COVID cases to drop significantly. As X might not want to wait until last munute they might just take the decision in the next couple of months already to cancel these trips.
  5. It's so unhealthy, why would you want to eat this every day of your cruise, if it will be implemented the cruiselines are doing a favor to health of the individuals that eat it everyday and probably are the ones that would need it least.
  6. This "Smuckers" stuff and fake Maple Sirup are just so disgusting. Real quality Jam and Maple Sirup would be nice 😉
  7. Water from the french alps or CocaCola water that doesn't even come from a mountain spring. This is a upgrade, not a downgrade, but let's leave the ecological factor out of this; at least Dassani is more "local" than Evian when shipped to the US from Europe 😄
  8. In contrary, as even fully facinated people can catch COVID again and are less and less protected against the new variants social distancing, masks etc will stay for a while. Vaccinations have not solved the problem, they decrease the chance to have severe symptoms. It was such a stupid decision to offer cruises to non vaccinated adults in the US in the first place together with droping the mask mandate indoors. Things always have to be learned the hard way.
  9. Looks like those cruisers confused Washington State with Florida... I guess this can happen if absolute basic Geography is a bit overwhelming 😁
  10. I would have expected 800 -1000, but only 300, wow like a big private yacht I guess. Looks like with rising COVID cases people are less traveling again, especially as a large number of the guests seem to be from the US as per previous topics about APEX.
  11. I really hope so as those quaratnine hotels are an absolutely terrible and dirty. What happens if your Antigen Test at the Terminal is Positive, do you get a "2nd Chance" by getting to do a PCR Test and if this is Negative you can board the ship?
  12. Sounds like a lovely trip, enjoy the 2nd week. Wow only 690 passengers on Apex must feel like a exclusive large yacht experience 🙂 Unless I missed it, were you able to explore Mykonos by your own eventually? How is the passenger load on your 2nd cruise?
  13. Wonder needs a larger indoor pool space as it will be used both in warm and cold climate zones.
  14. You can also look in booking a roundtrip and not using the return leg, often this is cheaper than a one way fare.
  15. As long as COVID is not turning into a mild stage of nothing more than a little flue at most we will especially on cruises and other situations continue to see the need of testing, hence one year or even longer I would say at this stage.
  16. An other example how those agents are useless. I doubt that the ship is sailing at more than 60% capacity at your sailing if not lower.
  17. The IT infrastructure at RCL is not really modern, thank god their ships run on more efficient software
  18. Everyone has a different feel for "warm enough" 😉 Nevertheless if you are looking for a 28C + Sea day experience then you will not find it then. Depends a bit on the actual weather, wind etc but Mid may you are likely to catch a sea day at 18-20C max rather than a nice warm summer day.
  19. Given the discipline of the local crowds in Singapore the sailings have been a great success from day 1. If you have the hoice between lockdown at home and some relaxing days at sea, even if you need to dine in your cabin I would take this option without thinking twice.
  20. Let's hope that these are the last changes as things seem a bit volatile at the moment. On the other hand if restrictions will be implemented now with strickt curfews possibly the situation in places like Mykonos will improve by September allowing passengers to get off the ship and discover the town independantly. What's the passenger capacity limit currently for Apex cruses?
  21. The voucher system for the drinks is finally a real upgraded perk. You can choose pretty much any cocktail on the menu, better wine etc, it's a win win. If they would have added in addition 1 speciality coffee voucher to be used AM then this would be perfect. But for this you can still use the Diamond Lounge 😉
  22. Refiling water bottles at publivly available water fountains is absolutely a big no go, no matter if beforem during or after COVID. Use a clean cup available in the food outlet and then fill the content of your cup into the bottle, everything else is a absolute disgrace.
  23. It's not a security issue, likely Israel will not let tourists into the country by then. Initially they were supposed to open for tourism on July 1st this was postponed already by one month and with rising cases further measures are already considered. Hence, there is too much uncertainty going on that X decided already now to cancel these ports of call.
  24. What a mess, why did RCL even bother to get themselves into this. Would have been easier to just have all cruises open for vaccinated adults, like this everyone on board will receive the same instead of causing this two class sepeeration.
  25. Thanks, hope this will stay. At the end a real upgrade as it offers a much greater selection including cocktails etc.
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