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  1. We’re staying on board and spending our OBC on a few special drams whilst enjoying the views. We are not giving Wee Nicola the pleasure of trying to ruin our trip and are of the mindset that we’re not getting off! Cheers
  2. You know what folks. These are first world problems. I have friends who have lost family, colleagues who have lost jobs and houses because of this ghastly virus. If we manage to get on our cruise I’ll be delighted. Tours may or may not happen. This is a fluid situation and I’m sure everyone in Celebrity trying their best but no doubt there will be plenty of people complaining to Guest Relations on board to people who have no control whatsoever. Lets be happy we’re able to look forward to a cruise. Others aren’t as lucky
  3. LPC Waste of time and average food. Done it and won’t do it again. Agree with above comments on Tuscan. It’s our favourite and eat there constantly!
  4. Totally agree and why some people feel the need to cheat or to put the answers on here escapes me. I’d like to think I’d teach my kids not to cheat in exams either but obviously there will always be those who cheat in life to get ahead.
  5. Agree! Whaaat? Hilton then SD? Nope! The House is very nice but on your way back just go home. No hotel will meet the standards of the ship.
  6. If you read the posts Murano is closed! And for what it’s worth if people want to indulge and order the entire menu then why shouldn’t they? People have worked hard for this indulgence so your comments are unnecessary.
  7. I’m slowly working my way up the ranks and am disappointed to read some of these posts. Many years ago I was behind the scenes at British Airways’ HQ and a billboard about their reward programme is still firmly in my memory: BEHIND EVERY BLUE EXECUTIVE MEMBER THERE’S A GOLD ONE WAITING TO GET OUT.
  8. Then don’t eat the bread. It is amazing but will fill you up! But if you have to then only have a little. The main course pasta can be served as a starter (appetiser if in the US) so why not have a couple of small pastas to share, if there’s two of you, and then enjoy the rest of the menu!
  9. We love both but for us Tuscan has the edge and glad that we’re all different or else we wouldn’t get a table! Murano is a special occasion and we feel we need to dress whereas Murano we make an extra special effort. It’s difficult not to give a tip as the service in both has been amazing. And when you go don’t be embarrassed about ordering everything but starve yourself first!
  10. I cannot believe some of the entitled comments on here. Do none of you realise that this industry is on its knees? Give it a few months to recover at least! My goodness, some of us are lucky to be alive and have money to spend on a cruise. Take a reality check people and when you do eventually get on your ship just remember that the staff have been living with little or no money for a year and would love to be in your position.
  11. The cruise won’t be going. We were hoping to sail on it but have transferred the deposits to another voyage.
  12. Seadream good but old ships. Cunard ok, older guests. P&O terrible and fellow guests think it’s British but it’s actually crap. RCL too big. Celebrity, perfect!
  13. Thank you all. I was going to give P&O a second chance (my last one was awful) as they were the only ones cruising the U.K. but thankfully I’m now spoiled for choice!!!
  14. The funds you have in other celeb cruises can be transferred onto these! Bitterly disappointed we couldn’t go on the transatlantic crossing on August the 15th but this will make up for it.
  15. Really? Woo hoo! See you in Belfast and looking forward to your warm welcome.
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