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  1. If you are looking to fly on the day of the cruise as you have no other option then you’ll have to give yourself at least 3 hours between landing and getting to the port. And that’s assuming everything works like clockwork which it never does. I’ve had a quick google of your situation for your sailing day and a private transfer (£120) is probably the quickest. Your best option is to do the same. If the professionals on here, who know everything and have done this before, get more details of where you’re flying from (do you have to fly) and at what time then you’ll get m
  2. Never heard the DYKWIA phrase before but LOVE IT! Plenty of them on every ship and aircraft I’ve ever been on.
  3. If you can access these places easily then why get off? For a lot of us the ship is the destination and we’re not interested in getting off.
  4. To lesser mortals who aspire to become Elite+ what is an Elite+ breakfast?
  5. Can’t you just take a couple of bottles on board? Even disguised as medication!!
  6. Do we have to book a set time for dinner in Luminae or can we just turn up?
  7. Ok as a regular visitor to SF (every two months for the past 22 years) it is certainly not the place it once was. It’s still an amazing place to visit and extremely compact, unlike LA, so for a cruise it’s perfect! I have, however, witnessed people defecting on the street, injecting themselves with drugs and harassing tourists. This is on a regular basis. I also visit other cities mentioned above and none of them equal SF with its vagrant problems. If you do happen to visit, a bus tour, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf and maybe lunch in Sausalito!
  8. $600! I do occasionally have a flutter in Vegas. Will it get me a free cruise?
  9. Can you post more pics please as everyone on here is v excited!
  10. They pay for use of the actual pier so being less time moored costs less money. There may be crew training, especially in the bridge, as this is now Silhouette’s home port. It’ll be advantageous to depart at a different time of day to experience different tides and light and the ability to see the lights and buoys. Lastly, they’re able to pump fresh seawater through different systems and desalinators and get the pools nice and fresh.
  11. We’re in exactly the same position and it’s a first suite treat for us. Just wondering what to spend our cruise credit on but some of it will be on some Scotch whilst in Inverness looking at the scenery from the ship. Not going to let wee nicola change the rules and spoil it for us! We looked at the ‘Elevate’ package for the mini bar, etc and it was over £1000 each so that option was quickly deleted! As all the suites have sold out the Retreat and Luminae will be the busiest areas on the ship so maybe it’ll be an idea to spend the credit in Tuscan! See you on the 14th.
  12. And you’ll be the one who doesn’t wear the mask either I suppose.
  13. I think shorts in a dining room for dinner is, not only breaking the rules, but disrespectful towards other passengers. There are plenty of other areas to eat whilst wearing shorts so go there instead.
  14. We’re staying on board and spending our OBC on a few special drams whilst enjoying the views. We are not giving Wee Nicola the pleasure of trying to ruin our trip and are of the mindset that we’re not getting off! Cheers
  15. You know what folks. These are first world problems. I have friends who have lost family, colleagues who have lost jobs and houses because of this ghastly virus. If we manage to get on our cruise I’ll be delighted. Tours may or may not happen. This is a fluid situation and I’m sure everyone in Celebrity trying their best but no doubt there will be plenty of people complaining to Guest Relations on board to people who have no control whatsoever. Lets be happy we’re able to look forward to a cruise. Others aren’t as lucky
  16. LPC Waste of time and average food. Done it and won’t do it again. Agree with above comments on Tuscan. It’s our favourite and eat there constantly!
  17. Totally agree and why some people feel the need to cheat or to put the answers on here escapes me. I’d like to think I’d teach my kids not to cheat in exams either but obviously there will always be those who cheat in life to get ahead.
  18. Agree! Whaaat? Hilton then SD? Nope! The House is very nice but on your way back just go home. No hotel will meet the standards of the ship.
  19. If you read the posts Murano is closed! And for what it’s worth if people want to indulge and order the entire menu then why shouldn’t they? People have worked hard for this indulgence so your comments are unnecessary.
  20. I’m slowly working my way up the ranks and am disappointed to read some of these posts. Many years ago I was behind the scenes at British Airways’ HQ and a billboard about their reward programme is still firmly in my memory: BEHIND EVERY BLUE EXECUTIVE MEMBER THERE’S A GOLD ONE WAITING TO GET OUT.
  21. Then don’t eat the bread. It is amazing but will fill you up! But if you have to then only have a little. The main course pasta can be served as a starter (appetiser if in the US) so why not have a couple of small pastas to share, if there’s two of you, and then enjoy the rest of the menu!
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