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  1. I tipped my steward extra on this last cruise. First time ever. I asked him on day one to keep my cooler full of my smuggled beer and iced down. On last night I gave him extra $20 for the extra service. Had 6 beers left over and asked if he wanted them. He did, so I obliged. :) I figured that was more than fair for a M-F cruise.
  2. So there you have it. Dan-O only cares about the cost of "his" drinks. LMAO Dan is slipping a bit today. He's stepping in it more than usual. LOL
  3. But it isn't, as you've tried to say, stealing. :rolleyes:
  4. You are partially correct. It is very clear. It does not mean what you are trying to make it. Nothing has been obtained, by fraud or otherwise. 915 doesn't really even apply. Care to try again? LMAO
  5. Thanks for proving my point Dan. Bringing your own booze is NOT obtaining it without paying or false pretense and you know it. You must purchase it unless you make your own. Smugglers aren't using any trick or device to con Carnival out of their booze inventory. Glad to have ya on board Dan. Took awhile, but you've finally seen the light. And thanks for the legaleze to prove it. :D
  6. It's not stealing. They aren't taking a drink from behind the bar. They are simply bringing their own to enjoy in their room. Carnivals inventory doesn't change. You may argue that they are being deprived of possible revenue, but that is not the same as stealing.
  7. Thanks for the repsonse. I have little hair, but my GF needed to know..
  8. Does anybody know if Paradise has hair dryers in room? Oceanview to be exact. TIA
  9. OMG, hell hath frozen over. I finally agree with Dan. :eek:
  10. I'm with ya 100%. ;) Now if they put in the fuel surcharge though, I will definately be cutting back on the extra tippimg.....
  11. I tip about 1,000 a day above the auto tips. I've bankrupted my kids college funds several times over. I only wish I could do more. :eek:
  12. A little more info.. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090605072301AAg3ol7 And a review of who this company used to be.. http://www.cruisereviews.com/ImperialMajesty/RegalEmpress46.htm
  13. Sorry G'ma' date=' but you did more than "answer"
  14. For a lot of people here, this IS their life. I mean, just look at their post counts. Sure, some have been here for years and I can see that, but some hit 5000+ posts in a little over a year (or less). That's around 13 posts a day, 365 days. Sad IMO, but whatever floats your boat I guess.
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