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  1. That is even if you book multiple cabins. You only get points for the cabin you stayed in.
  2. Even though you booked the reservation you only get one set of points for the cruise. All other people in the cabins have their own C and A number attached to them.
  3. Just got off Harmony last week - Did freedom four years ago. I loved all the activities on Harmony. The Water slides and dry slides, zip lines which Freedom doesn't have are nice. There were always teenage boys on the sports court and the youth programs were always full. Just my opinion. They did show several different movies but they are down by the dive show where as Freedom does movies up by the pool.
  4. On the 7/7 sailing the headliner was comedian/juggler.... was a good show but not a great show in my opinion.
  5. Pictures from our Dolphin royal Swim at Chankanuub Park.... Pictures from our Dolphin royal Swim at Chankanuub Park....
  6. Excursion #4 - Dolphin Royal Swim and Lunch We pulled into Cozumel at 8:00.... To find two carnival cruises, The RCCL Liberty of the Seas (I think) and a Norweigen Cruise also in Port. Norweigen was docked down the coast line a bit. Again we had easy debarkation and got right off and down to find our meeting point. The Dolphin Excursions are always popular and there are several different ones. We found our sign and met our guide "Diego". He gave us wrist bands and told us to wait under Tiki Hut #1. We had a few minutes to walk around and look at the shops before we made our w
  7. booked ours on June 9th for a July 7th cruise. I checked every day since May for it.
  8. other photos from Tabyana Beach resort More review later.... its 97 degrees here and the pool is calling me..
  9. Second excursion was in Roatan... I struggled with this as I wanted to do the Sloths but I also wanted to spend time snorkeling. I had purchased full face dive masks for all of us and HIGHLY recommend it if you even think you are going. YEs they can be bulky to pack but since we drove and had no luggage limit it was good for us. These mask are so comfortable and you don't get the gag reflex that some people do withy the snorkeling mouth piece. You just breath as normal. We signed up for the Tabyanna Beach Snorkeling and lunch tour. It was shown as 3.5 hours. I resear
  10. I paid 19.99 a person and wasn't able to reserve it till almost one month before, For some of the other things I purchased I made sure to check prices every few days so if they went down I cancelled my previous order and rebooked at the lower cost. I saved almost 300.00 doing that. YEs the first legal drink was good.... I also have to admit that I shared a few with the 20 year old as well ....
  11. Since we haven't sailed except Freedom and Oasis we don't have much to judge the entertainment with. For me I was ok with some but not all. We had planned Anthem last year but had to cancel. Am thinking of trying NCL out of New York as it is closer if Anthem doesn't continue to sail out of that port, Loft Suite sounds nice, my daughter had an opportunity to visit one this trip and couldn't stop talking about it. I also agree about being port intensive however we have done the Eastern Itinerary twice and I wanted something new, Wasn't in the cards to fly to a different port so whatev
  12. We had the western carribean itinerary so I will share some of the excursions we did at the three ports. First port day was Costa Maya. There is very little to see as you pull into port. In fact there doesn't seem to be much of anything anywhere on the island. We were scheduled for the Mayan Water park and as we pulled in you could see the "created" Mayan Temple off to the side, I wasn't very optimistic just by looking at the island when we were docking. But I had already paid for it and the kids were up and dressed, We have no problem leaving the ship. Again the crowd
  13. EASCAPE ROOM: One of the activities I signed up for and recommend you sign up for as soon as it comes out on the Cruise Planner was the Escape Room. It sells out quickly and is so hard to get on the ship. When I first told the kids I got a lot of groans and especially when they found out we weren't alone but with a group. When we got to the place..... Adventure Ocean lobby... there were two groups of people. One group with reservations and one without. Obviously the ones without weren't happy when they were told they could not go in. They argued they were told they didn't
  14. Yes on this trip walk on bags were dropped in the dining room and so was the CHOPS lunch,
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