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  1. We are also in a similar situation as some that cancelled before pause 1. We cancelled on Mar 11, 1 day before pause 1. Our cruise was on the Regal - April 19 with a b2b on May 4 We received a refund to our CC of 50% fare + port fees and taxes to cover both cruises about 2 weeks after we cancelled. So we are now waiting for the other 50% to be refunded. We originally chose option 1 on Mar 12, but changed it to option 2 on May 5 when Princess sent an email encouraging us to take option 1. I figured we had waited long enough. On May 26 we received an updated cancellation notice for both cruises that showed cancellation fees = none. No mention of our ezair flights on that notice. Still no FCC's showing on our accounts. According to Princess our payment has been processed and waiting for release to our CC. Whether any of this is true ... who knows. 94 days and still waiting.
  2. I was only thinking of cabin real estate. With Celebrity we only stay in Sky suits or above because of the superior amenities. We stay in verandah cabins with HAL because you don't get much more than the real estate in a Signature Suite. But we love HAL for their itineraries.
  3. You can't compare Celebrity Aqua class & HAL Signature suites. I've stayed in both. Totally different animals. Signature Suites are comparable to Sky Suites, both are junior type suites. Aqua class is a balcony cabin with a dedicated dining room and access to the spa.
  4. Rich, I've been following your reports, comments and photos since you cruised out of Vancouver. Really appreciate the time you've taken to take us all along with you. Great job!!
  5. I like to choose my cabin location and your upgrade would be a downgrade for me. The fact that the balcony is totally uncovered is the reason I never book mini-suites on that class of ship. It being so far aft is also a minus for me. I hope you can get your cabin back.
  6. Thank you all for taking the time to give us such great advice. Whatever we decide to do with our time in port, we will definitely be taking a taxi to get to the QE ll terminal. With much appreciation, Donna & Peter
  7. We are disembarking one ship (berth 101) and getting on another (berth 38/9) on the same day in May. How far is it from the Southampton city cruise terminal to QEII cruise terminal? Can we walk it? If it's too far to walk, what would be the best way to get to the next ship?
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