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  1. I feel sorry for the poor D+ and D in the northeast who did not get the early invites.
  2. Not clear to me. The onboard testing is "Specified Below"
  3. Yes, it says... "Guests who provide documentation of full vaccination will be exempt from these requirements, unless specified below." Specified below is the following... "Mid-Cruise (for sailings 6 Nights or Longer): Guests 12 and older are required to undergo an antigen test for COVID-19 administered onboard by one of our testing vendors. Guests will be notified onboard about how to register for this test."
  4. Maybe I'm reading today's email incorrectly but it seems to imply that we will be subject to onboard testing even though fully vaccinated and charged $178 per person. We're scheduled on Symphony, 7 night, later in August. The email reads... "The total charge from the third-party testing vendor for guests 12 and older is $136 USD per guest on sailings 5 nights or less, or $178 USD per guest for sailings of 6 nights or more. This amount will be applied to the guest's onboard expense account." Is this correct for those of us fully vaccinated?
  5. I'm the exact opposite. Do away with the 70s and bring on more magicians. Of course, even better would be a 60's night!
  6. Funny story... we were on one cruise where we met an elderly Pinnacle couple who had won the L&M game. It seems they cruised often and were always picked for the show by the same Cruise Director because they had developed their "routine" which guaranteed well rehearsed hilarious answers. I just felt sorry for the losers who never stood a chance.
  7. Roulette looks simple but has the worst odds in the casino. Slots are easier to figure out than table games. Begin by looking for penny machines where you don't have to bet much. Put $5 in and spin. Then pick another game until you find one you enjoy. Do you play poker? If so, look for the poker machines which offer somewhat better odds. Remember always that gambling is entertainment not investment!
  8. Seems to me an American ship tied up to the dock could become a sitting duck for an attack from the sea.
  9. Yes, to each his own. We love the meal with an officer. You get learn interesting facts about the ship and the crew. If it is lunch, you get an upgraded meal with wine.
  10. Really? I find the lines often longer to see the concierge than at Guest Services. Some folks will tie up the concierge for long periods of time. We hardly ever use the services of the concierge.
  11. Guess it all depends on how close the individual is to attaining the next level. This promo will help us almost achieve what we thought to be impossible by the end of 2022. So why not go for it?
  12. I see no advantage. In addition to the higher cost, you may have to wait for them to fill a bus. We find taking a taxi, at a fixed rate, to be the easiest.
  13. Just curious why you consider this to be a bargain. You already have a balcony. As I see it, you are gaining a few extra square feet and a bathtub for $440. In addition, no extra points for the JS. I don't see a bargain. What am I missing?
  14. Has anyone been successful with bidding the minimum?
  15. I just received a Royal Up offer for Symphony in August. Just to be clear... if I successfully receive an upgrade from a balcony to a junior suite, do I get double points for the JS as well as the current double point offer?
  16. My four grandparents all came to the United States and Ellis Island from Europe in steerage. To me, "steerage" is an honored term. Many others were brought here against their wills. Too much emphasis here on Pinnacles. They have it pretty good already. Rather, let's work on lifting up the benefits of everyone else!
  17. The chilled soups are among my favorite appetizers. Love the chilled Lychee. All the better if they taste like melted ice cream.
  18. While dressing correctly is important, more important is setting an example for our kids to be kind, humble, caring and loving.
  19. I got this same email for our August 14th Symphony sailing. When I called, they denied it had been canceled.
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