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  1. Fact is that it really doesn't matter where the cruise goes to. What matters most is where the current passengers and crew came from, have they been appropriately screened and are they healthy. Cruise Lines need to be promoting information about their abilities to keep guests healthy and safe right now.
  2. Hi Michele, We met on 2017 TA Rome to Miami. It was a nice cruise and I would like to thank you for the upfront work you put in to organize and support activities for so many of us. As for the RomeCabsBooking, they are indeed legitimate. We used them in 2017 to book 3 separate transfers between Airport and Rome, then to Port from Rome hotels. All were perfectly executed. In fact my mother in law left a sweater in cab from airport and when we called they arranged for it to be left with port security the morning of our departure. Could not have asked for better service.
  3. As you say there probably is no difference in 30 or 45 days but that is not really the concern of most people. In the end, I think it is more about expectations than reality. People are told 75 days and that is what they expect. When it becomes 45 or 30, the expectation in significantly missed and the customer becomes concerned. The proper thing to do would be to set a reasonable expectation and then meet it. If 30 days is the proper time frame than tell the people that. Otherwise living up to the expectation set is the burden of the entity making the commitment.
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