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  1. Do your research. People are complaining that Carnival/Princess is stating that they are told to expect a 90 day wait. Haven't looked at Royal, but I would guess they may be in the same crunch. Viking is privately owned and seems to have better cashflow so that may be your option.
  2. But why would they go back to NCL? If I feel a company is screwing me over I wouldnt give them anymore money. Full disclosure, I have a late May Alaska cruise booked which I assume will be cancelled, I am well aware that if I choose the refund it might take 90 days since that is what is stated. I wouldn't take any form email as gospel.
  3. Well then good luck to you. Obviously you won't cruise with them again so go for it. Your chargeback might have gotten you banned from the cruise line so I guess you're both happy to part ways.
  4. Here's the message from the NCL site:
  5. Their normal published refund timeline is 3-4 weeks, but if you were automatically cancelled and request a refund, it's stated that it will take up to 90 days. So which did you cancel under, and how long have you really waited? https://www.ncl.com/no/en/about/cancellation-fee-schedule-mea
  6. I agree with you. When (If), my May cruise gets cancelled, I may take the refund vs. FCC, I'm really on the fence.
  7. You can fill out a form and have it signed/notarized to move the credit to you.
  8. My 3rd party insurance won't be refunded if my May cruise is cancelled.
  9. With 20% deducted "for your convenience"
  10. I gave a specific example since you used broad terms. That way someone could look it up if they wanted more specifics on what the president had said. It was a clarification of your broad statment.
  11. I know the president did specifically call out assistance to the cruise lines, but there was no specifics laid out yet.
  12. Since you're never going to use NCL again why not dispute the charge with your credit card? NCL might ban you, but why would you care. NCL has cancelled cruises for thousands of people, the process of getting everyone refunds is very labor intensive, plus it's crunching their cash flow....so if people push, it could drive NCL into bankruptcy and you'll never get your money back.
  13. This is true. They want people to blink and cancel before NCL does, that way you're locked into an FCC vs. a refund.
  14. Nope. NCL cancelled some cruises with 24-48 hours notice. People were already travelling or in the area when they were told.
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