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  1. Our kids, same ages as yours, have always had their cards on lanyards all the time. They feel important and it’s part of the experience for them. We always have drink packages and they can go to any bar and get a mocktail and get something forgotten from our room.
  2. I am in the same boat for Nassau later this month and have researched free beaches and how to get to them. Bus #10 or 12 goes north from port along the coastline and reviews say it's a good option. However, not on Sundays. If you are there on Sunday it won't work to take the bus. You catch #12 at the straw market and #10 at corner of George and Bay streets. The two beaches I was considering based on research (I'm there on Sunday so have decided on a self guided walking tour instead) are: 1) Saunders beach - has nice sand, is quiet, has bathrooms, has securit
  3. The coco cay FAQ says South Beach opens on Jan 31. I am there Jan 27. I bought a South Beach beach bed months ago and at that time South Beach was supposed to open in December. RCCL hasn't contacted me to say the opening is delayed but I don't want to pay $199 and find that the beach bed is by construction and it's not the relaxing experience I signed up for. I could cancel that and purchase a Chill Island beach bed but so close to the cruise, I suspect I'd get a crappy beach bed now as I assume they are assigned first bought, first served. Anyone know what the situation with south
  4. My kids want to go to the water park. They are under 14 so I believe to let them go, at least DH or I need to buy a ticket also as the FAQ says under 14s aren't admitted without a paying adult. We are thinking of getting a pass for the kids and DH. Is there anyway for me to enter the water park area and NOT pay though? I don't have any interest in anything it offers and have a back injury that I don't want to risk aggravating as well so slides and wave and activity pools are off limits anyway. But I want to be with my family. If I find a beach chair outside the park, there's no way
  5. We booked south beach for our Jan 23 cruise but rcl website says south beach isn’t ready now until Jan 31. I am wondering what this means for our booking.
  6. Thanks for recommending Pirate Tours. I looked them up and the reviews are fantastic too. Our ship docks at 11 so sadly the pirate one is too early in the day but the daytime ghost one works and sounds interesting too. Now I just have to decide if I should do the Yorktown first (thanks for setting me straight on this vs the fort) as waterbug123 recommended vs doing the daytime ghost tour which is at 1pm. I'm looking forward to Charleston and actually thinking a week vacation here might be in order sometime as there is lots to see and do.
  7. For our upcoming cruise on Grandeur, I've seen the following deals: BOGO at 50% off and buy one for 30% off. Both came out to the same total amount. RCL math is strange.
  8. It's no different than if they eat with their hands at their table and then go up for seconds and handle the tongs. Almost 20 years ago, before kids, DH and I ended up at a busy McD before a catching a movie. It was packed and the only seating was in the playland. We ate there and saw a kid eating a nugget off the floor that they'd found (not their food), another kid eating a hamburger that he'd dropped in the aisle and someone had stepped on. It was also very, very loud with both crying and screaming in good measure. We joked that it was all the birth control we needed and we'd co
  9. does anyone know if those who book guaranteed cabins get these emails too? It would be kind of ironic IMO - I book a guarantee minimum ocean view for example. Now I can pay extra to get a guarantee balcony. In both cases, I don't know exactly what I get or get to pick my room. Our very first cruise we booked a guaranteed (Costa, not RCL) inside cabin for cheap. We ended up getting an ocean view room and were very happy with it.
  10. I always buy it and never regret it. For us, seeking out photographers is part of the entertainment on board and I have tons of great pics that are formal and silly and everything in between and I never have to say I can't afford one. My DD and I snuck out of dinner last cruise to 'use the facilities' and got a pic in to surprise the boys with later. IMO it's worth it for that price.
  11. I agree, that's why I didn't want them to have access to charging. However, every time they went to a bar to ask for a drink, they were told that the card couldn't be 'charged' or 'ran through without charging privileges active.' After a day and a half, I went to guest services and was told that to use the package I had to activate charging for them. I called BS on that but ti took a lot of discussing and a manger had to get involved. This was on Liberty and I didn't have that issue on Oasis previously. .
  12. They are $199 for my upcoming cruise and haven't gone on sale once in the year I've been watching, including Black Friday and other typical "sale" dates.
  13. our similar-aged kids have enjoyed Oasis and Liberty, but Oasis had lots more to do. We are booked on Grandeur later this month and I'm a bit worried they'll be bored so am bringing some card games along and we bought the drink package so will relax and play games if need be. I'm certain it will be a great time and so are my kids.
  14. on Liberty March 2017 we were initially told the kids couldn't use hteir drink package unless I activated their charging ability. I argued and was then told that they could activate charging for arcade only as a compromise. I kept arguing and they somehow managed to get my kids to use their prepaid drink packages without being able to charge at the arcade or anywhere else. It did require them to put a cash credit on their arcade account for one hour and then remove it. Didn't make any sense to me and for one child it was gone after one hour as promised and for the other child I had to line up
  15. Thanks Charlestonians for being on this thread!!! I will be there January 29 with an 11 and 12 year old. I am all for walking around and wandering but with kids, it's a bit harder. Anything that would be very interesting to see in the historic area for that age group? What about non-seafood restaurants (we live so far from any lake/ocean that we aren't used to it and my 11 year old is very picky and won't try new things unfortunately)? Could we go on the ferry to the island and see the aircraft carrier museum and wander around old town in one day or is that too ambitious? What is t
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