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  1. I see the Dream open for bookings on 3/26/2022. Maybe just a glitch.
  2. It is usually restricted to two people in the cabin. It should say in fine print of the offer code. I booked a room for my wife and son. My wife gets cheers and son gets bubbles.
  3. This is extremely surprising to me. If that is truly the case then Carnival should be made aware via the post cruise survey or other customer service measure.
  4. I have that same rate code. Today I got a "free" room offer. $100pp to book but includes $100pp OBC. It's crazy how cheap my rates are right now. Unfortunately we can't take advantage because we live in the north, have 4 school age kids, and wife is in her 3rd trimester. If I could I would take multiple sailings.
  5. CHEERS! starts as soon as you board the ship unless you are leaving from Texas or New York. The international waters thing only applies to taxes being charged on your drinks. If you are still in port and order a drink you will be charged the applicable tax. Technically you would not be covered under CHEERS! on debarkation day. As it was already said, CHEERS! resets at 6am each morning. I don't know all of the fine print on that, though. The 6am reset could be only for alcoholic beverages.
  6. Another way to do this same thing: Create a mock booking. You will get to the pricing portion and there will be an option on screen to see "more offers". This will give you all of the offers you have available to choose from for that sailing.
  7. I was also on the first sailing. Lines and capacity - Great Chair Hogs - FULL FORCE on seaday(s) Drink wait - average to above average, don't remember waiting more than a few minutes to get served Gary - Didn't care for. I have different reasons than others, though. I don't know everyone's expectations but he did not go anywhere near out of his way to please anyone. Non-smoking casino - a wonderful addition for someone like me mask wearing - really not a big hassle.
  8. I'm fairly certain the package does not count on debarkation day. Either that or there aren't a lot of people wanting drinks between 7-10am getting off the ship. I'm very aware of the 15 drink limit and I know I could hit it easily on sea days. In my case, though, I'm a large man with a formidable tolerance.
  9. I had a similar experience with Gary on Carnival Magic. First cruise back and I guess I expected more but my wife and I were talking and agreed he's in the bottom half of cruise directors we have had. Not personable, his schtick was overplayed and he didn't once make us feel like we had to go to an event because he would be there bringing excitement and fun. Bring back Dr. E!
  10. We just got off Carnival Magic and had bacon every day. However I will say the quality went down each day. Day 1 was great, flavorful, crispy bacon. By day 5 it was floppy, flavorless, chewy bacon.
  11. I understand that. I leave Saturday, so before Carnivals testing policies kick in. And this is a NEW announcement from the Bahamas. It starts Friday.
  12. Bahamas is requiring a negative test for vaccinated persons starting August 6. We leave August 7 so before Carnivals rules start. This means we need to test the day we leave to get into the Bahamas? I haven't heard Carnival mention this.
  13. Interesting to nix Jamaica, too. It was probably too hard to find a substitute port due to time/distance. We have this same itinerary in April 2022. I'll be watching the Cayman Island updates over the next few months.
  14. That's wonderful... What are these reports of sick passengers and crew I've seen?
  15. Following this story semi-closely. We are sailing in April 2022 with GC on the itinerary. I'll be interested to see if they can substitute or if they will rework the entire itinerary. We are in Jamaica, GC, Cozumel in consecutive days in that order. There isn't enough time to get from Jamaica to another port in one day and still have Cozumel the following day.
  16. I've got a buy order in for $22. We'll see if or when.
  17. I'll be on the first Magic sailing in August. I've never had him, never heard of him but after some research I'm far form worried. From those I've talked to he is a great CD and I think he was on a Dream class ship prior to this so he must have something to offer.
  18. I hope this isn't truly the case or it is different if you have a room full of minors. I have a boatload of OBC for Spring Break and it's me with 3 kids under the age of 11.
  19. The fact the first voyages went off without major bumps is massive encouragement for cruisers. We sail in exactly 28 days and I feel very confident we will not only sail but have an amazing time, even with any changes or hiccups.
  20. This. There is a reason why these things are done the way they are.
  21. I could use a new luggage tag if anyone doesn't want theirs!
  22. Keep in mind while there may not be restrictions on capacity those onboard employees have not worked in this environment in almost a year and a half or potentially ever. It's the walk before you run mentality. They need to make sure they can operate efficiently with new rules, etc. without affecting the customer satisfaction before they open up the floodgates. That is my opinion at least.
  23. Ship looks gorgeous. I'm lucky enough to be on the first sailing after she returns to sailing!
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