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  1. Thank you for all your input so far! This should makes it a lot easier to compare and to decide soon. Having so much extra space in the Neptune suite is an interesting thought. One of the available Neptune suites with a balcony that can be seen from the glass elevator is almost double the price of a guarantee Neptune suite that could be the same cabin if assigned by HAL. But also still so many aft suites available. I browsed some videos of these aft suites...wow, very nice! My mind says a Signature suite will be fine...
  2. We tried some of the major cruise lines in the past years. Princess, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. We like them all, some things were better on one cruise line then on the other, but nothing major that would us stop from booking one of them again. But, we liked Princess the most, and I have the feeling that HAL is like a good relative of Princess quality-wise. Now we found a very interesting cruise on the Westerdam. And we are hesitating to book because we can not decide between a guarantee Signature Suite or a guarantee Neptune Suite. Both guarantee, because the price gap between guarantee and pick-your-own is so high that in this case a guarantee-cabin is the first time we are looking into this because it is really tempting. We understand that it is roulette, and I would be a little annoyed if we would be assigned to a suite directly next to an elevator - I assume this is a noise factor. If not, please let me know. But I am ready to risk it. But now back to the main problem. Signature Suite or Neptune Suite? It is around 650$ difference per person (2) for 14 days to book a Neptune Suite. Is more room and the perks which HAL offers really worth it? We do not need things like a personal concierge or even a butler like they provide on some cruise lines for suites, but I feel the suite perks on HAL are a little...weak. I would be very happy if some of you could let me know your thoughts and input about Signature Suites, Neptune Suites, the major differences rather than size and some words about the Suite perks. We need to make a decision to book our first HAL experience 🙂 Thank you all Greetings from Germany
  3. Really a good decision! Stayed in M101 in March. There were certain times when it was indeed too windy to enjoy the balcony, but we had many sea days and we used the spacious balcony a lot during these days. We had some days with zero wind issues. A bird pooped on me while sunbathing. In fact, the birds mess was scattered on the whole balcony, including the window. My eyes were closed so I could not see it, but I guess it was some kind of a huge bird, maybe even a dinosaur, considering the quantity of mess that it left. The curtains must be closed when it is dark outside in these cabins so that the cabin lights do not bother the bridge. There is a sign somewhere at the balcony door that tells you to do so. The Marina and Lido deck cabins are very convenient to get to the pool, buffet, The retreat and so on. Concerning the ships motion, we felt more an up and down rather a side to side motion. But we did not consider the motion worse than on other ships we have travelled in other cabin locations. We had a night with very rough seas and it was not that bad up there.
  4. We were in M101 during the last segment of the repositioning cruise. Were a afraid that the bridge might intrude the view, but we were so relieved when we realized how perfect the view was. Was Henry also your stateroom attendant? He provided excellent service
  5. We were in M101 on the last segment of the repositioning cruise in March, so one of the forward center cabins. For me, the movement was not much more than in other cabins on other ships, even during some rocky hours in some nights. The movement was more up and down rather left to right. I sometimes have problems after the cruise when being on land for longer again. It was awkward that I still felt the up and down movement sometimes rather then left to right. My friend took some pill he bought in one of the shops because the captain announced some stormy hours. He regretted it the next day because the medicine made him feel not very good. He did not use it again and was fine the other nights. The self service laundry is on the back of the ship, just before the last set of elevators/stairs. There are even two laundry rooms on this deck, one on each side. If you go one deck down, there is one large laundry room at the back which can be accessed from both sides. It was not just a nice thing to wash your clothes on your own, it was a good place for some chat with other passengers. For the buffet we almost always got up one deck and walked along the pool rather than walking to the back on the Marina deck. It is also at the back of the ship, but while the ship is quite long, the trek never bothered me. We were given the Medallions for testing in the middle of the cruise, I liked it that I could open the door with my elbow when carrying a drink and a plate from the buffet. When you use the stairs at the forward elevator banks and go up to deck 17, there is a corridor with a sliding door in the middle. This door puts you right at the retreat pool. You can also use the side doors, but I do not know why, but we preferred to use that little corridor. The Retreat has a pool bar that was not very frequented. When we wanted to grab a drink, we always went there The forward cabin balcony doors have signs not to use it when at sea due to strong winds. We had very calm weather on most days, the sea often looked like someone went over it with an iron. So there was almost zero wind and I lay in the sun for hours enjoying the balcony. But on some evenings it got windy and then the balcony is really not for usage. I think on your huge balcony spread above the wings of the bridge it might be even worse when it is windy. All in all I would never hesitate to book a forward facing cabin again and I think the forward facing cabins, especially yours with the HUGE balcony, are the jackpot cabins.
  6. There are some types of Snickers we do not have, this is always something I buy 😬 And after my frequent visit in the candy aisle I make my way to the detergents. Some of them smell so good. I imagine that a clean and well maintained US household smells like a mix of Downy, fresh baked sugar cookies and the lobby of Disney's Beach Club Resort. But I think I should limit my imagination 😉
  7. Reese White, M&M Peanut Butter, Kellogg's Squares and so on, this is what you are missing 😄😄 But you are both right, we have indeed such a high variety of Chocolate. Countless brands and types. There is an ALDI border in Germany. ALDI south and ALDI north. They have different offers and a slightly different choice of products. I lived exactly on that border some years ago, so I always had lots of choices that were on offer. Good value, but some products which are similar to the original brand product taste weird.
  8. When travelling to the US, one of my favourite things to do is going to Walmart and buy tons of candy that is not available here. And when I buy candy I feel like I need to order a truck that pulls backwards to the store entrance making that backwards-beeping noice. When boarding Oasis last November, I had bags (many!) full of snacks with me! One bag was so full that it broke and I had to collect all the good stuff from the floor in the terminal. My mother was somehow embarassed, because I had so much stuff with me...but she was nice enough to give me an empty bag from her carry-on. At security, no one cared about my snacks. But I do not know if there are any official regulations and rules. In my case, no one mentioned anything about the snacks that were easily visible in the bags.
  9. I assume they changed the sensivity of the Medaillons door unlock mechanism. The first days we could hear our door already unlock when we were steps away and the door not in sight. Now we need to be near the door I tried to buy one of the sports bracelets some days ago, but they had non in stock yet, just many on their show displays I used the Medaillon in the Casino yesterday, works the same like the card We like their Game shows in Princess Theater. Who's the Cuckoo, Yes or No, Liars' Club...those were real fun. Yesterday we had breakfast in Allegro. What a boring looking dining room, like a Cafeteria. Will not go there again, the atmosphere was weird. They brought me some unsalted butter and Nutella for my croissants. I was so thankful! Too bad that the cruise is over soon. We really enjoy Princess
  10. We watched all Loveboat episodes they have on demand 😉 The TV and the video on demand selection is really good
  11. The seas on this segment of the cruise were mostly calm. But yesterday a storm was announced via the interkom. It was a lot of movement up here! The cabin you mention is next to ours. But for me the movement was not much more than on other ships in other cabin locations. We did not even try to get on the balcony during the storm... We had some moments when we were not able to use the balcony because of wind, but I have already been on the balcony for countless hours. Today and yesterday there was almost no wind
  12. I ordered three fresh roses which have just been delivered. Makes the cabin even nicer
  13. I was just at Vines but they have no menu out yet. I will check back again later for you
  14. I want to share an interesting point about our cabin M101. There is no other cabin door next to ours. The only door next to it leads to the small corridor to the outside of the ships technical equipment you can see from the balcony. With no other cabin door directly besides, Mr. and Mrs. Doorslammer will have no chance! You will not be in their door-circus-in-slam-out-slam-show. Yes, sometimes it happens that the door shuts loudly, but it is so easy to shut the door gently.
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