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  1. The first I was thinking about is an S1 with a connecting SV (both aft). SVs have a "real" balcony, not the Infinite Verandah setup.
  2. Never: TUI and AIDA - I can not imagine flying abroad, e. g. to an embarkation board somewhere in the Caribbean or in Asia, just to board a ship with 2000+ other Germans. No, Thank you. By the way, I have no doubt that the service is excellent, there are many great reviews. Always: HAL, Princess, RC, X, NCL - this is all we cruised with yet. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so we would always cruise with those again. Try: Oceania. I see that I am not the only one who'd like to try. They currently have very tempting prices. I am not quite sure about cruising with smal
  3. Yes! We were on the HAL Westerdam cruise that ended in Cambodia after days without a place to disembark. Little did we know about the future at that point. We have two cruises booked. But we will only go with vaccinations
  4. I see that there are many topics and heavy arguments on CC about Suite Lounges, or generally about lounges. What is the rush about that? Maybe here in Europe a lounge has another significance. I mean if I would not have access to that particular SL, I would go to another lounge. I understand that Pinnacle members should be rewarded somehow, but if there is hypothetically no access to a particular lounge because it might be reserved for other guests, why is there so many arguments about that? Did they reduce the rewards for Pinnacles over the years?
  5. When I think of our first and last Celebrity cruise in 2017, the following things come up my mind: too many dishes including arugular, dirty plates in MDR and pickles on ocean facing windows in the buffet. This did not ruin our vacation, but that first impression was not up to par with what Celebrity positionts itself. But, it is time for a second chance. We are not loyal to any mass market line, so why not giving Celebrity another try? We now booked the Edge. After watching the promo videos, I imagine cruising on the Edge will widen your cultural horizon and positively tangle all
  6. It leaves me a little puzzled 😉 they mention for the suites 5 perks: - premium drinks - streaming wifi - tips included - OBC - shore excursion credit so I do not understand why OBC and the excursion credit is only one credit, but maybe it was too good to be true to think there might have been some extra $ for excursions edit: I found it in their terms and conditions, it is OBC 150 $ and another 150 $ shore excursion credit for this sailing. I was just wondering because during booking it only mentions the amount of the OBC (300
  7. Thank you @CHEZMARYLOU, I thought it is two different things because they state OBC and Shore Excursion Credit as two different perks
  8. We wanted to try the Edge someday and are now getting into the details :-) Unfortunately the call center is already closed, so I am asking here. There are 300 $ OBC mentioned for our particular cruise per person when booking a Retreat Suite. Is it correct that this OBC can not be used BEFORE the cruise for booking any extras or excursions? Once on board, can this 600 $ OBC be spent for available shore excursions? There is also a shore excursion credit mentioned for Suites. Is this always the same amount depending on the le
  9. I just browsed some pictures and found this one, us leaving the ship, shaking hands with Orlando Ashford one of many puzzles. It was like yoga for my mind
  10. @sailingdutchy thank so much for posting your story. It is so interesting to read different stories. Almost everyone has some more things to tell what happened to them after disembarkation I am glad the first segment was better! It must have been an interesting sight when you saw all the masks in the ships terminal in HK the first time. Do you remember when the embassies were on board in the dining room? Was it the day before the prime minister came by helicopter?
  11. For the Joy"s Oct. 19th 11 day Caribbean sailing all Haven Suites seem to be booked. Neither NCL nor other TA sites show a Haven suite available. I think that is a little odd. How to check if there is some kind of large group on the ship?
  12. We booked on of these for July. Fingers crossed. We also got an amazing deal with drinks, prepaid gratuities and so on. We saw that promotion the last day it was valid and we had to act quickly: an inside room for free with any balcony booking (only port fees and such). My husbands' mother wanted to join anyway, so we paid less than 100€ for her inside room with single occupancy. No perks like drinks for that extra cabin, but best promotion ever.
  13. Thank you so much for sharing that! Personally, we had no contact to someone who left the ship in the first wave. But we heard some stories of others that things went not very smooth. But your experience is really crazy, especially that they dropped you off at the wrong hotel. Your double scotch makes me remember the moment when I ordered a Jägermeister after we were told we can not leave the ship in Sihanoukville. No panic, but we got a little nervous. Thank you all for your nice replies, so good to read. My husband is better by the wa
  14. I have wanted to write down down this story earlier. Almost one year ago, on Feb. 1. 2020 to be exact, our personal Covid-Story on Westerdam began. In the beginning of January 2020 we got married. At that point I can not remember if I have heard of some kind of new virus yet. But I think I hav heard on the radio that something was happening with an unknown virus in China. Our marriage day was beautiful. We got married in some kind of little castle which is used as a museum in my hometown, along with our relatives and our closest friends. When I was younger I never
  15. We sailed 16 nights in a forward facing balcony on Marina deck on Royal Princess and the balcony was never locked. The weather was mostly calm, so we used the balcony a lot. The balcony was huge! Like other said before, the view is incredible. Our M-deck center cabin was a little more obstructed because of the bridge and we would have preferred the ones on Lido deck, but it was the only one available and I would immediately book it again!
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