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  1. Thanks for your input everyone. I understand that nothing is guaranteed weather wise and I probably look into things far too much! Ha Ha - your right - its sunny today 😀
  2. I hope someone who has done the Pride of America cruise in March can help me decide. We had booked our flights to go in May but the sailing have all been cancelled. The only other date we can go to Hawaii due to work commitments is the 14 March sailing. We have to pay a lot of money to transfer our flights etc, so we are concerned incase the weather in March isn't good (I've read that its the rainiest season). Has anyone sailed on POA at this time of year? We have sailed POS in October and the weather was lovely and the seas not too rough. Our other option is to keep our flights in May and fly over to Maui from Oahu for 5 nights. Any help would be much appreciated as we just can't decide what to do!!!
  3. Thats awful for you. When I originally saw it blanked out for May, I called NCL and they said there was cabins left and it wasn't going into dry dock as it hadn't long been refurbished. Then the next day they called to say it was going into dry dock 😖
  4. We tend to book earlier fro the UK though. I was planning to book the cruise when the price came down as I noticed that it comes down by about £500 each nearer the time. But its backfired on me 😪
  5. Thanks for letting me know - I couldn't see anything. We were planning to do the cruise and had booked our flights and accommodation to Honolulu then they took off the cruise so having to try and re-schedule.
  6. I haven't noticed this in the Cruise Critic News but I may have missed it. The Pride of America is going into dry dock for the month of May 2020.
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