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  1. So am I right that if you had paid $2000 you receive FCC for $2500 or full refund of the original $2000. Not bad
  2. Things are developing folks. Quicker than any Corporation can react. We love the cruise lines. All are good. Be patient. I certainly feel for you travelers caught in the middle right now. Hang in there
  3. Good question Wine-O. Seriously they may have to stop all cruises at some point for 60 to 90 days. Even If the virus even spreads moderately it could lead to many ships having the virus and being quarantined. Where are they going to place them sense they know it has not worked well keeping folks on the ship. We fly to Honolulu April 20 and return to Vancouver. Just can’t see this cruise NOT getting cancelled. We really were looking forward to this 13 night cruise, but it ain’t looking very promising Hawaii is why we booked this cruise. No ports, not sure why they would
  4. We call them a Minnie. Lol. It’s a long long longgggggggg way for me with my knees.
  5. You that was my fear also. According to a show I watch on stocks, they say airlines will not lower their prices. Thought was those who are afraid to fly will not fly at any price. On the other hand those that gotta get there will fly no matter what. Cruising may be a little different but I will continue to cruise as long it’s safe. Just can’t let go of the bug. Suite just keep selling out and X knows it.
  6. Wow 11 miles a day. So much for you having low oxygen levels. I thought I was good doing a 5k marathon I agree with keeping an open mind. Still have over 6 weeks to go. We really want this vacation more so than ever. We live in Putnam county Tenn. Those tornadoes killed 18 of the 24 people less than 5 miles from our home. No family injured but sure helps to put things in prospective
  7. Wow, X has stepped up big time. Knowing we can wait even 2 weeks before cruising is a real blessing. If things improve we’re going If things get worse we at least have an option
  8. Jim, what’s your thoughts on what X will do on cruising if this virus keeps getting worse. We have a cruise April 20. I would be ok with taking future cruise credit.
  9. Just gotta wait Who knows, the warm weather may slow things down.
  10. Did I just mention Iceberg on a cruise ship forum...
  11. This just tip of an iceberg. We have a lot of really stupid people in this world we live in.
  12. Oops didn’t see she has till April 15. I would wait till then
  13. Pushka i so hope your right. Less than 50 days till our cruise. We will have to take 15 days when we return away from kids. Just makes sense
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