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  1. We were on Marina just before Clo. Nope. Waves was not self serve. I asked for the things I wanted on my salad
  2. How do I find the Bali board? We shall be overnight in Bali next December (hopefully). Would love a private GUIDE. Thanks
  3. Did your TA offer the $900 ofc and free Grats Too? Did you request it? Do you have to be a frequent cruiser? We have a Dec 1,2020 (maybe). It's our 4th Oceania with this TA. TA giving us about $500.
  4. Thanks to being alerted by this group as to cruise reduction (cruise only), my TA just confirmed our new Dec 1 Australia cruise is $3,0000 less per person.🤣
  5. We are currently in South Carolina. It's a beach area. We basically stay in the house or on the porch. We are not on lockdown. Try to walk around the neighborhood away from others. Markets have limits on number of people allowed in at a time. Restaurants take out/curb service only but many have shut down for the duration. Governor here plans on beginning reopening thing May 1. Not sure how that will work out. We shall see. Have a cruise planned December....maybe.
  6. We are on Oceania Regatta circumnavigation Australia Dec 3. Identical itinerary. DO YOU THINK ships will be back to cruising by then? I don't know whether or not to start looking for excursions
  7. Based on what I have read here, I went to check the current price for our Dec 1 Australia cruise. New price for our cabin is more than 4,000 less than when we booked. But who knows if this cruise will ever take off? Probably not.
  8. Curious....how you you get the information that there is a price reduction on your cruise? We are on Regatta December 1. When I go to Oceania website the price is always the same. We booked while on our last cruise. We also gave Oceania the name of our Travel Agency. Is there something else I should be looking at? Thanks
  9. We have about 20 people from our community still going on the 3/11 cruise on Riviera
  10. For Rio, we hired a private GUIDE for 2 days. Our ship ship stayed overnight and then we disembarked the second day. TOUR GUIDE GUS , was amazing. On the second day he picked us up eith our luggage, toured with us and at night dropped us off at the airport. He knew all the best places. I wouldn't go wandering on my own.
  11. Trying to remember......we had 2 suitcases 29 inch/1 rollerblade suitcase/2 backpacks. Hubby says roughly 35 euros. We walked out of terminal to taxi ramp. Long line but moved extremely fast. Like maybe 5 min. Worker at head of line assesses what size cab you need. Comes right over. Regarding Jazz...quite pleased. Only beware of....i have knee issues..the tub is very deep with no grab bar...they do have "handicapped ". If we go again I would call and discuss with them. It's in a great location. Lovely staff. If you get in real early they will hold your luggage. Thryceven took delivery of wine we had purchased for our cruise.
  12. Thanks for the info....many options...are there any shore excursions from Perth/Fremantle that go to any of the wine regions? We are very into wine and want to hit as many of the famous regions around Australia. That and snorkeling.
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