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  1. Different activities can get you O points. Example, when we play trivia. We put together a team from our cruise critic roll call group. At the end of each session the top team each get O points. I remember shuffleboard got points also. The points were on little laminated cards. The last day you could turn in your O points for Oceania stuff. We didn't have enough for the t shirt but one of our new friends had loads extra so she gave me some.
  2. We used SECRET PARADISE company. Ruth was our contact person. They had several options. We tendered into port. A few yards away were all the tour people. Also free lancers and people were booking on the spot. Very chaotic but we found our guides...we were 6 people from cruise critic. Afterwards we had some time and walked back out to the main street, made a right and walked along that street till we came to a beautiful Muslim mosque
  3. We were in Male on our Oceania Cape town to Singapore cruise. We did snorkeling and visited a few islands. I booked a day excursion. My husband enjoys snorkeling and since we took a speedboat to I think 2 islands also, we were both pleased. Our day trip also included lunch on a beach. I will look up the name of the company
  4. Terrace Cafe has lovely breakfasts. Buffet style....excellent omlets made to order. Hot and cold dishes. when we last went it was right after nueurovirus outbreak just before our cruise. Staff was behind a heavy plastic shield and handed us our food. I expect it will be this way after covid.
  5. I saw that the Carnival Sunshine is supposed to start sailing again from Charleston in January. When we sailed on Carnival 40 years ago, it was a very big party ship. Is it still that way? Do they get many retirees? It's close to where I am now.
  6. We've been going to Forno's for the last 50 years. So many great Portuguese restaurants around.
  7. Can you find a tour/guide that will pick you up in Haifa and take you to Akko? Our guide took us around Haifa ....it was ok. But then we drove to Akko(Acre). That was fantastic. We went to this place that the Knights of the Templar used.unbelievably great . Had a wonderful local lunch outside under trees. Watched kids jumping off gigantic rocks into the water, walked around neighborhoods. Saw gardens. Saw wedding couples coming outside for photos.
  8. Is it a full ship or reduced numbers?
  9. Just checked google...says on Jefferson Street
  10. Pre covid we used CORPORATE PARKING...i think technically it's in Elizabeth...i think Virginia Street...10 min from airport...they have vans that take you to your terminal. Inside and outside parking. They used to have coupons online. Used them for over 30 years. Check and see if they still exist. Gated, guarded lot.
  11. We stayed at HOTEL MUNDIAL. Liked the location. Walked to restaurants. Several plazas nearby that had things going on. Near trams
  12. We stayed at the JAZZ HOTEL. Really liked it. Small. We walked to Placa Catalunya which is lovely. That's where the HOHO busses are. Also near a bunch of restaurants and subway
  13. Glorious. Of course we didn't do the driving but the looking. Wouldn't drive myself. So curvy.
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