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  1. Sorry...should have read 154. I think MAM called it a half day Mangrove tour. Contact MAM tours and ask. It was cheaper for 6 people. No problem finding 4 more on our roll call. Go to cruise critic roll call for your cruise. You will find people who will be on your cruise. Some of them may have found an excursion and are looking for people to share. Make sure your vehicle is big enough. Our car for 6 plus guide was too tight.
  2. FannyM123.... We were in Langkawi 2 weeks ago....Oceania Nautica. I prebooked a tour for 6 using MAM holidays. They met us at the fence of the pier near the arrivals bld. About a 5- 10 min walk from getting off ship. We went to Kilim eco park which was amazing. A longish drive but so amazing. We combined this half day excursion with another half day excursion to the cable car. Very long day but great. Cost was $54 per couple including no queue line at cable car which is a must. Only negative was car should have been a bit bigger for 6 plus driver. At fence loads of drivers looking to provide rides.
  3. FYI.....Just got off the Nautica in Singapore. We were there overnight. Each time you get off, you have to go through the immigration queue. We were given a paper on Nautica that said ALL liquor needs to be declared and duty paid, even if in transit..... If you have any to declare, keep the items separate because the person at the counter needs to see them...we didn't know and had to open and go through our luggage to find stuff. END RESULT.....when they saw that our wine was South African and unopened, we were waved through...no tax. Another couple had a half used bottle of vodka purchased in Langkawi. They later told me that the duty was more than twice what they paid for the bottle. They left it at the counter.
  4. Depends if it is called refundable or unrefundable. We got $103 cash back last week on last day of cruise.
  5. We were on Nautica...Capetown to Singapore. Cabin 6093. We had bought our wine at the various wine farms we visited before the cruise. We had cardboard 3 bottle carriers. Reinforced bottoms with duck tape so nothing fell out. They were stored in the thin closet (next to the big one) that had the shelf and 4 drawers. Everything fit in. Champagne from Oceania was kept in fridge....brought the the Trivia team dinner. No corkage charge since it was provided by Oceania. We were happy to pay the corkage on the other bottles. They were wonderful. One night the our sommelier was eyeing our bottle of Camberley "Illusion" (a pinotage blend). My husband asked if he would like a taste. His response was, "I was hoping you would ask". Solo good.
  6. Got off the Nautica today. Brought 24 bottles of wine on board. Plus the welcome bottle of champagne in our concierge suite
  7. We are currently on Nautica. Plastic straws in waves for smoothies and malteds
  8. Oceania is refu ding the visa charges if you bought through them. So we shall get $200 back into out onboard credit. We had booked a private tour using Oranje Safari. They are refunding 95%. The other 5% they must pay the credit card company.Happy with that. After all we cancelled 48 hours before. So we are just out the $120 pp for the yellow fever shot. They substituted a day in Praslin, Seychelles. Good because otherwise we would have had 3 sea days I a row. Having a great time.
  9. We got word as we were leaving Dar e's Salaam. Have travel insurance. Will pull out papers and check today. Tanzania visa was $200 per person. Kenya was $100 per person. Mozambique $100 per person. Sri Lanka free transit 1 day visa. Also I sent an email to our tour operator in Mombasa to inform them.
  10. Captain just informed us that due to security concerns, the Nautica will not be stopping at Mombasa tomorrow. So I guess the $220 for the yellow fever shot last week, the$400 visa and $200 tour from Orange Safari is lost. Oy. Another sea day.
  11. Saints vs Rams playoff on Nautica right now. Almost midnight Sunday in Capetown
  12. Geezer couple. You could embark on the cruise. You cannot get off in Kenya. Will try to contact my doc in N.Y. tomorrow but for all I know he could be away....i would assume they would take a fax or email....who knows. Nothing was said in ANY communication from Oceania. We start in Capetown and end in Singapore 30 days later. It's almost midnight. They showed the movie Bohemian Rapsody tonight. What a performance. Going to sleep.
  13. We were told this today upon boarding in Capetown. Either shot, doctors letter or don't get off. I'll post the letter tomorrow. I am 70+ years old, have a compromised liver. I am in Capetown and my doctor is in NY. We already paid $200 each for visa and $100 each for excursion in Mombasa. Really not happy.
  14. Check in was a breeze. Except they informed us that we now need a yellow fever shot for Mombasa. Last minute ruling. $120 per person. Lovely lunch at Terrace Cafe. Fantastic staff. 1pm the penthouse, Vista, owners lounge ready. Our concierge level was ready at 1:30 as was said on the paper they gave us. All other rooms at 3pm. Creative unpacking definitely needed. Our suitcases don't fit under the bed. Finally got everything put away. I took a picture of the wine package option. Would post it if I knew how. But if anyone wants to see it, I do know how to email it if you send me your email address.
  15. "Today is the day that is filled with surprises.... Nobody knows what's gonna happen" From the Mouseketeers Anything Can Happen Day We board Nautica in Capetown today. Been here 5 days see the sights and lots of wineries.
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