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  1. Jeanine.there is soooo much. Send me your email address. marjim48@gmail.com
  2. We have one for the first time on our upcoming Marina voyage. Can the butler also get us additional specialty restaurant reservations?
  3. That was my post. We were on the Nautica which ended in Singapore in February. There is no shuttle. When you get off the ship you go through immigration/customs. Even if you are getting off for the afternoon to sighted. We got in at 1 pm and disembarked the next day. Long, long lines both days. There was a handicapped line on the extreme left. If you totally disembark there is a second line to go through where baggage is scanned. Do not bring any opened alcohol. Hefty fine. They were ok with my bottle of South African Amarula because it was unopened and they could tell it was bought in S.A. They want to see the actual bottle. Once through all the lines you wind up in a main hall. That's where we met our guide the first day. There are both human moneychangers and arms right there. If you need a cab to your hotel towards the right, past the shops, behind the McDonald's there are 2 taxi lines. One was a general line. The other was a flat 50 Singapore money taxi that was larger. You give your name and destination to the man in front and he calls your name for your cab. Didn't take long. Maybe 10 min. Let me know what else you need to know.
  4. It's now free. I think they switched around march
  5. Not safe at all. Even our Argentinean friends say so. They used to send their daught back during the summer to visit family but now are afraid to.
  6. Restaurants will call a taxi for you. Also some stores. We bought a case of wines for our cruise at Ligier liquor store in BA and they called a cab for us to take us to hotel. Fyi...cabs must be called.
  7. Recoleta cemetery. The area where they tango in the streets. Just be very careful. Our pre cruise included a half day city bus tour. While at the square by the pink house we were given time to wander around and a lady in our group got mugged.
  8. Good to know. Shall check out.
  9. I didn't want to title this Barcelona Day Tours because people immediately think it's that tour company (which we have 1 tour with). But there are other companies offering Barcelona city tours. Just booked with Spanish Trails which is a company a friend recommended. Other companies had what we wanted but not on the day we wanted. Isabel at Spanish Trails was really helpful.
  10. Also instead of also in my previous post. The " A" got dropped
  11. Toscana has a pasta appetizer called the "something" trio. 3 different pastas. The last one has lobster in it. Superb. Polo Mac and lobster side dish comes in a small ramekin. Devine. My husband sampled mine twice. Left me almost none. Third time I told him to get his own. IMO the escargot were better in the MDR than in Polo. I liked them prepared very traditional which is the way MDR makes them. Oysters Rockefeller in Polo great. The deconstructed lobster in Polo superb. I love Oceania. We go again in November. This time on Marina.
  12. We were on the Nautica from Capetown to Singapore. At several ports the ship loaded up on local stuff. They would have a large board on a stand announcing specialty items. Lso listed in the daily Currents. After one South African stop they grilled game meats. You went to the grill station and asked for what you wanted. Honestly, they were overcooked and dry. I've had them in Capetown before.
  13. we shall be in Barcelona in November for 4 days before our cruise (Oceania). I booked the above tour but also book a Montserrat/Cava tour with Spain/Barcelona day tours. Small group-not more than 12 people. Decent cost-around 89 euros I think. As a plus, they pick you up at your hotel. I googled Montserrat Cava tours and a lot of places came up. You have to find the one that meets your needs/wants.
  14. I just booked a full day wine tour from Barcelona to the penaides wine region. Think it includes visits to 3 wineries and tapas. Used Wine Tourism Spain. Meets at Plaza Catalunya. 132 Euros for 2 of us. We are into wine and this seemed to meet our needs. It is a big bus tour which I am not thrilled with but nothing else seemed to cover what I wanted.
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