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  1. atsea64

    Semi live Norwegian Gem May 5th-12th

    Thanks enjoy your cruise Sailing Gem June 2 Due to your pics will probably book Bliss while on next cruise Who is the CD on Gem ? Let us know your favorite Bar and late night spot Thanks for all in advance
  2. atsea64

    New Ships vs Old Ships

    As previously posted size does not always matter. There are a large number of people who still enjoy a wrap around promenade deck to walk on and a forward observation lounge to enjoy sail aways. While there is much to be said for the newer ships and fantastic dining venues,rope courses, go karts, rock walls,etc I will also enjoy a throwback to vintage cruising that is gone from Mega ships of all lines. Itinerary and price are always an important consideration but if you have the time and the ports are not the primary consideration, then leave the crowds behind and give me a smaller ship. Also of note the new NCL class "Leonardo" is downsizing in size. Next cruise NCL Gem June 2018
  3. atsea64

    Walking Out During Shows

    Sailed Regal last April 2017 - 7 days Eastern Carribean Great food Fantastic entertainment Make sure to see "Voice of the Seas" very talented guests same format as TV show Excellent production shows CD = Billy Piano Bar Great times i do not remember performer but he drew huge crowds every night Movies under Stars great Enjoy and relax No bells and whistles but true cruise premium experience If available "The Sanctuary" is worth every penny must book early
  4. NCL Dawn San Juan visits 5 ports only 1 sea dayNCL Bliss Miami visits 3 ports 3 sea days If ship life is more important to you than I vote for the Bliss If Ports are your thing go with Dawn and the time on ship is limited with all port calls June 2018 NCL Gem March 2017 Regal Princess June 2016 RCL Adventure Seas Feb 2016 NCL Getaway Nov 2015 RCL Liberty Feb 2015 NCL Pearl
  5. atsea64

    Ncl gem refridgerators in room ?

    Thanks for reply Always forget to ask when booking
  6. Does anyone know if there are refrigerators in all cabins on ncl gem need to keep medicine in refridge small baggie space needed. Have always used mini bar refridge on other ships booked in inside cabin any help
  7. atsea64

    A Few Gem Questions

    As per other posters Cagneys is the # 1 option and i always enjoy Le Bistro Jewell Class ships seem to offer the classic cruise experience, right size right options. Cruising has evolved a great deal since 2006. Remember there are no bad cruises just bad cruisers Please enjoy and keep positive attitude and we look forward to your review upon return Sailing on Gem June 2018 NCL Escape -2016 NCL - Getaway -2015 NCL Pearl - 2014 NCL Sky -2017 -2015-2014-2013 NCL Skyward --1994 NCL Sun -1986
  8. atsea64

    NCL Gem Disembarking

    Thank you Will continue to monitor have no desire to stand on lines in terminal If I get on board at 2PM no lines i call it a win 72 days to spillway:cool::cool:
  9. atsea64

    NCL Gem Disembarking

    Sailing NCL GEM June 02 2018 Based on NCL Gem arrival NYC 10AM Does this apply to all returns to NYC How is this affecting boarding on next outbound currently signed up for 1030 AM boarding group ( I realize that mens 12 noon) If ship does not arrive in port till 10AM I can't envision passengers being allowed on board for next cruise before 1-2PM ?? Any body with advice ??
  10. atsea64

    Contests are Back! Contest for Week of March 5

    My wife and I are dedicated cruise enthusiasts who have been fortunate to have enjoyed over 50+ cruises ranging from Regent Seven Seas to Carnival. From 3 nights to 21. From sailing by ourselves to large groups. We have sailed on 11 different cruise lines and 41 different ships We favor any ship as we have experienced Great food,entertainment,and atmosphere on many lines We have enjoyed the largest ships of Royal Carribean to the elegant and mid size Regent Mariner We have experienced great service ,fine dining, great food,wonderful entertainment and sometimes not as good as we had hoped But when all is said and done aren't we all lucky to have had life on the high seas There is no bad cruise just some are better then others. Enjoy life and "bon Voyage" :)
  11. Thank you for your review Port of Miami has never been able to figure out how to handle boarding issues ( odd since it is the most traveled port in world) Buffet comments are becoming very common and similar on all cruise lines personally give me a dining room everytime GS issues are also becoming a Industry issue it seems that all are trained in I Do Not Know instead of problem solving Language problems are unavoidable on Cruise ships since turnover is so high, in MDR a conversation with Maitre"d will usually take care of issues even if it means moving to a new table. If a waiter does not understand your requests how can we expect good service ? All in all great review very informative thank you
  12. On NCL when i purchased future cruise credit The offer was $ 250.00 cost for cruise within 4 years ( open ended) Plus $ 100.00 OBC for cruise we were on I would see if that or better was available Good Luck keep on cruising
  13. atsea64


    Sailing on NCL Gem Canada June 2 2018 If its anything similar to the Pearl (sister ship ) its great Mid size ships are reminders of true ocean going ships not floating hotels Been on NCL 5 times last 6 years Food has been Good on all Escape -2017 Getaway -2016 Pearl *2015 Sky -2014 2013.2012 Epic -2014 A cruise is what you make of it. Enjoy everything offered if it is not to your liking look at the "dailie of the day " for next activity Have a Great Time From relaxing to dining to sightseeing to entertainment what else is there??
  14. My time or any time dining dues have advantages if you can handle different tables , waiters and dining times through ouyour cruise. If 7 PM is late for dinner then a solution is opt for set dining early seating ,pick table size and hope that wait staff lives up to your expectations. The trade off of larger ship to mid size is the entertainment options that are offered. Even with the crowds there is NO bad cruise in my book 89 days till sail date NCL Gem
  15. (1) Clean ship in good to great condition,age of ship is not an excuse for poor appearance (2) Good food, in MDR is very important so that Specialty dining is an option not a necessity (3) Entertainment in all areas from TV in cabins to production shows to piano bars (4) Friendliness of staff on all levels makes guest feel special