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  1. Really enjoying your report. Thanks for taking the time to do it! 🚢
  2. Thanks for this. I found it interesting because we’ve only done two cruises so far - both on NCL. And our next cruise is in March 2020 with Princess. We LOVED both of our NCL cruises (balcony around Hawaii, and The Haven to the BAHamas our of NYC) and I’m a bit nervous that our Asia cruise on Princess (aft balcony) won’t measure up. Your comparison son has given me hope that well like Princess. 👍
  3. The QT Hotel in Sydney is great if you like something high quality but a little different. It’s in a heritage building right across from the beautiful QVB building in the city. Worth checking it out 🙂
  4. A better description for non-Australians about climbing Uluru might be: In recent years there has been political recognition in Australia that the European settlers who came to the country in the 1700-1800’s did much harm to the original inhabitants of the land - the Aboriginal people. While the Aboriginal people are still very marginalised and many are disadvantaged, autonomy over the traditional lands that hold deep meaning for them is being recognised. Because of this, the climbing of Uluru will no longer be permitted as “the rock” is very sacred to them. Tourists are still welcome to travel to see Uluru, just not to climb it. Personally, I think that if you have a chance to go see it, the time of year is moot. Yes it might be hotter in January, but you’ll be in air conditioned vehicles and able to keep hydrated. And in places like Sydney (where I live) it’ll be gorgeous summer weather for enjoying the harbour and beaches at their best. ❤️
  5. We are Sydney”ites” travelling next year. Can you please add: 01 March 2020 … TrixieBel … Sapphire Princess … 11nt Asia out of Singapore thanks 😃
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