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  1. Thank you very much. I'll be taking this tour in September. Could I ask you to post one of the bar cocktail menus? I need to figure out if a drink package is worth it for me. I certainly hope my Visby tour is not cancelled. I've been to Gottland before (during the Medieval Week), but I'd love one more walk through the town.
  2. I'm looking at my upcoming cruise out of Kiel in September. The description of my drink package says: Everything up to 10 euro. I can only find drink prices in £ or $. Does anyone have the corresponding prices in Euro?
  3. That really surprises me. We had those little machines where you placed the card, put in a slip with carbon copy, and went back and forth with a sledge. Then you could sign. Those are gone. Did they take the PIN-less card in any shops? I guess hotels have to take PIN-less cards if they want US customers
  4. I live in Denmark. I think we stopped accepting any cards without a PIN around 10 years ago.
  5. But they don't have any way to check the address, do they?
  6. I sent a mail that highly praised a staff member on Serenade. I also got a reply from his staff - one or two days later. I was quite impressed.
  7. I don't understand this discussion. To me a deposit has always been a way to show your honest intension. If it's just refundable people with lots of liquidity can just book several cruises with the intension of only going on one. Where I come from (Denmark) a deposit is always lost. In total. Anywhere.
  8. I bring a couple of inflatable thin mattresses. I haven't needed them yet on three cruises. I don't dare leave them at home. THEN I'll need them.
  9. I'm a knitter and a handspinner. I found it completely relevant
  10. Don't dis turkey. It's good, cheap protein. You can always slather it with sauce.
  11. We had the drink package in October 2018 and didn't pay extra. There is something concerning payment of VAT when the cruise is an internal EU cruise. We stopped in Montenegro, and this is not part of the EU.
  12. > Waiter, asst waiter, did not engage with us as in the past. Thank Bob they stopped. I hate chatty waiters.
  13. Just take a taxi on the pier. But yes - Oceankaj - usually terminal 1, I think (which is the closest on to the road away from the pier)
  14. Yup. Me too. Lots of down time. Lots of nice food. Lots of knitting. I usually forget to go to the shows. And I move to some other place when some orchestra starts to play if it's too loud (which it usually is). I have never seen them on the TV. I just use it to keep an eye on my account.
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