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  1. HBoS based share management companies will not give details of your holding to a third party e.g. Carnival, citing GDPR - they used to in the past but won’t anymore. It’s easy enough to take a screenshot of your holding complete with name, date and share holding but with your account number etc redacted and then e-mail Carnival shareholder benefits.
  2. Thank you, Emam. I perhaps didn’t make it very clear. I knew my uncle and spent many a holiday with him and my aunt and have many photos and can recall many of his tales. As I mentioned we have some very long generational gaps in our family and that throws up some interesting twist -nephews older than uncles etc.
  3. We have had a few goes at doing a family tree with varying degrees of success. On the plus side on both sides of our families we have very long generations which means you can get quite a way back in a few steps. I had an uncle who was with a horse unit in WW1. My wife’s family tree is greatly helped by a family bible which goes back to the early 1700s. We had an interesting trip up to the Black Isle armed with a name and headed into the local churchyard. Not very productive as almost every headstone contained the surname ‘Munro’. On my side of the family things peter out fairly quickly but we
  4. I saw a bowls game going on a couple of weeks ago in Aberdeen so how about deck quoits? I guess you’ll have to be allocated your own quoits and the dance which will ensue when there is a dispute as to whether a quoit is clear of a line ( maintaining social distancing) will be a wonder to behold. And what about sticker protocol for the winners?
  5. Terrace pool on Canberra was the juniors’ pool. There was an hour mid afternoon when they lowered the water level so that parents’ could go in with their non swimming children. This particular day Canberra was bowling along at a good speed ( compared to today!) and was rolling gently and pitching a bit but nothing too serious. The pool water however seemed to resonate with the ship’s motion and a hefty wave built up in the pool. A girl decided to jump in from the side (which was quite a way above the waterline due to the lowered water level); the wave caused the pool tide to ‘go out’ and there
  6. Avril, yes we are all old sentimentalist! We too made a trip to North Shields to see Oceana (only about 50 miles away) but I remember my wife and children making a much longer journey to see Canberra sail into Soton for the last time ( we had been on her only a couple of weeks previously. The ships do hold a special memories but those memories are also inextricably intertwined with memorable fellow passengers. Nothing booked in the months ahead but looking forward to a time when we can book again with confidence. Best wishes.
  7. I accept it’s not P&O but still poignant. I recall cruises in the ‘80s where we visited Athens and ship’s excursions took us around Eleusis Bay which at the time was full of laid up tankers due to some oil crisis or other. I also recall Canberra’s demise at Gadani which I found very sad as Canberra was a special ship to our family. This photo though is shocking as to my eyes, the ships look modern- Canberra was all Formica with Lino flooring in the aft regions and shared toilet facilities and you could feel that she deserved her ‘rest’- we still loved her, though. I can’t make out t
  8. I am referring only to Britannia. Other P&O ships have the standard shaver socket so you’d be ok with them.
  9. They do not take the standard two pin which Braun/OralB brushes have. I don’t know why they didn’t opt for the standard shaver socket option. You need to use the standard 3pin in the cabin along with a shaver adapter.
  10. Tend to find the most memorable offerings at MDR lunch- not sure if this is because there are fewer expectations at lunchtime. They used to do a beautiful summer berry jelly served on a purée of pear. ( nothing like the stuff produced by Messrs Hartley & Rowntree.) I have had some very good biryanis also. Saying as an earlier has broken the mould and home a long way back in time, then I shall follow. I used to find the little display of desserts as you entered the dining room in the evening very useful. You knew what to expect. I know you can leave food uneaten but it is
  11. There is one small but key difference between longboat fizz and a ginger beer with lime. Long boat fizz has a couple of drops of Angostura bitters popped into it. Nothing to stop you ordering a ginger beer with a hint of lime and ask the waiter for a couple of drops of Angostura bitters added. Gone into Pavlov’s dog mode just thinking about it.
  12. Not my invention but I’m sure a Keir Royale should go down well in the Crows Nest as a pre lunch snifter as the 3 day old Expresses and Mails are perused and P&O are back at sea. On a a serious note I do like the odd whisky (Laphroig and Lagavulin) being favourites and also like G&T. Just simple Schweppes tonic ( although following advice it’s slimline- which is hmmm!) but I would suggest (if you spot it) a Tanqueray gin called Malacca. We bought a bottle of it last time we were in Gib ( on the suggestion of a fellow shopper) & it is pretty special. Their Rangpur is al
  13. If it’s hot then Campari and soda does the trick. A bit old school, perhaps.
  14. I see a couple of posts mention travel insurance not being interested if you have been given an offer of a credit. This may be the case (not saying it is fair) but our daughter’s ski trip was cancelled and the travel company refused to refund as they claimed the chalet was still being available (in France, really?). The company did however issue each member of the group ( it was a single group booking ) with an individual invoice. The insurance company paid up (-excess) straight away. With regards to cruising though I would be a bit concerned as some passengers will have booked a cruise
  15. Just a thought: We have ‘Kayak’ed a few times on cruises. In the early years the Kayaks were - just as it says on the tin, kayaks. Latterly they have been sit ON floats that you propel with paddles. It may worth enquiring from P&O the nature of the floating craft and then, if it’s not really a kayak then get in touch with your insurers again.
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