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  1. Most of the brands mentioned in the above posts-Rolex excluded are readily available on the High St. with discounts available or with subsidised purchase using schemes like Tesco points which get you 3x the value of the vouchers ( there are probably limits.) At least if you bought it from your local High St. & there were problems then you could resolve them easily.
  2. Don’t know if reduction of single use materials has had any affect on Marmite distribution. Certainly on Aurora in Aug they had replaced foil wrapped butter portions with little individual rosettes ( in the buffet).
  3. Pork belly: I agree can be good but needs to be good quality ( selection of meat Or rather rejection of unsuitable cuts) & well prepared.
  4. I guess that a lot depends on fashion. Quite a few years ago liver was one of the unfashionable ingredients that suddenly came into vogue amongst big name chefs ( the other was pork belly) & they eventually filter through to mainstream menus. I was quite happy with liver & still take it when I see it. The pork belly though didn’t translate well to sea menus ( possibly due to poor sourcing of pork) and the result was disappointing. Pork belly is rarely seen these days. In general I feel that there have been improvements in the cooking of vegetables ( in the ‘80s, veg were boiled to within an inch of their life). Fish, whilst not up to the standard you might get in restaurants on the Scottish coast has also improved greatly in recent years. I may be old school but I find the lunch menu quite difficult to navigate and while I do applaud many of the light options I still prefer the old style lunch menu. One thing I do find varying from ship to ship is the quality of bread products. Desserts I often feel favour size rather than subtlety.
  5. Grey or dark ( pretty dark!) green with tie would be fine. Depending on age though he may get away with shirt and tie and dark trousers. Our son did that until he was about 16.
  6. The appalling Marshal Wade verse seems to have excised in most versions these days, thankfully.
  7. They have a couple of copies of Hampshire Haswell Smith’s comprehensive work on Scottish Islands. I’m sure they more but as said previously- you don’t spend much time in the library. I’m pretty sure you get a small Hebridean Princess book listing all ports visited ( in W Scotland) in You cabin and I believe they say you can take it home with you.
  8. and hope there are no strong winds! Our disembarkation from Britannia earlier this year was delayed until 10:00am as the sensors on the air bridge indicated an unacceptable degree of movement. We missed our booked train but fortunately we were only going as far as London that day and a replacement buss service was operating to Eastleigh so no one bothered with our tickets. self disembarkers (thank goodness the are no longer ‘debarkers’ -less of the US English, thank you😂) got off OK however.
  9. Most will wear white shirt & most of them will have a black bow tie. I’m a bit conservative (with a small C) so stick to white. Many do go for a coloured bow and some will have matching a cummerbund ( although these seem to be losing popularity these days) It became trendy a few years ago to wear a black silk non bow tie with DJ but again (thankfully-only my personal opinion) that is losing popularity. The fashion of untying the bow (or taking off the pre-knotted and swapping it with an unknotted) and allowing the ends to dangle around the neck (unfortunately) shows little sign of losing popularity (wear it or take it off!) - I guess it’s just a bit of fun! A good number will wear a dark suit and tie and look very smart also. The important thing is to feel comfortable in your choice. No one will judge (unless you untie that bow😂)
  10. Usually we have insides but have had the odd outside and one was an obstructed by a lifeboat. It was a great cabin but over two consecutive evenings an alarm from the lifeboat went off. It was noticeable in the cabin and stopped after about 10 mins. The second evening we called reception and by the third day it had been fixed.
  11. Well here is my two penn’orth. The original post was about buying shares. We have had them for many years and won’t change the system we have ( don’t want to pay extra fees). We hold our shares with Hfx/BoS and have done since we bought them. Since GDPR, Hfx has refused to inform third parties ( in this case Carnival) of your holding citing GDPR (coincidentally saving them hassle!) This means that whenever we want to apply for OBC we need to log in, make a screenshot, redact account numbers etc and then fire off the email to Carnival. Not a big deal but a bit of a hassle. If I was to buy Carnival shares today I would opt for a system where you hold a share certificate rather than having a bank hold it as a proxy or better still use a company that allows Carnival to access their shareholders list.
  12. I always use a paper towel to handle the deck quoits...oh heck, has that blown my green credentials? Seriously if you are conscious of such things you are always touching your eyes, mouth etc with your hands. There was a post a few weeks back about a woman who got an eye infection on board and blamed poor hand hygiene in the buffet. I’m retired now but spent 30+ years working in labs where eye protection was mandatory. Fortunately we only had two incidents of eye contamination. Both occurred outside the lab as people who had been in the lab inadvertently touched their eye with a contaminated finger.
  13. Oh dear! Beer, LPs, football tickets, concerts, Levi’s and a maintenance grant to help. Didn’t get on the housing ladder until I was 29 but I do feel for the young with their uncertain pensions (‘Where would you like us to invest your pension contributions this year? & that’s from a very well known firm’s pension scheme,) and a state pension disappearing over the age hill faster than an Azura train. If I’d had the option of eyebrows, gadgets & iPhones perhaps my waist measurement might be a few cm less.
  14. So you weighed up the odds 1 in 30 ( guessing £100 extra premium against a loss of £3k) and you opted to self insure the £3000.
  15. Well, was out in ‘spoons in Newcastle at the weekend and as I was driving I decided not to drink at all. Normally Ruddles is £1.99 per pint (won’t touch the stronger stuff at lunchtime) but was £1.65 on Sat. Polished my halo and ordered a pint of cola. Got about 200ml of cola and 350ml of ice and was charged £2.02.
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