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  1. I am referring only to Britannia. Other P&O ships have the standard shaver socket so you’d be ok with them.
  2. They do not take the standard two pin which Braun/OralB brushes have. I don’t know why they didn’t opt for the standard shaver socket option. You need to use the standard 3pin in the cabin along with a shaver adapter.
  3. Tend to find the most memorable offerings at MDR lunch- not sure if this is because there are fewer expectations at lunchtime. They used to do a beautiful summer berry jelly served on a purée of pear. ( nothing like the stuff produced by Messrs Hartley & Rowntree.) I have had some very good biryanis also. Saying as an earlier has broken the mould and home a long way back in time, then I shall follow. I used to find the little display of desserts as you entered the dining room in the evening very useful. You knew what to expect. I know you can leave food uneaten but it is a little disconcerting when you expect a small dessert and you end up with a mega kilocalorie gut buster with lashings of Chantilly cream ( alternative you may feel you could do justice to a decent portion of jam roll and you get a nano sliver of kumquat with a drizzle of crème anglaise.) The dessert display was useful and I miss it.
  4. There is one small but key difference between longboat fizz and a ginger beer with lime. Long boat fizz has a couple of drops of Angostura bitters popped into it. Nothing to stop you ordering a ginger beer with a hint of lime and ask the waiter for a couple of drops of Angostura bitters added. Gone into Pavlov’s dog mode just thinking about it.
  5. Not my invention but I’m sure a Keir Royale should go down well in the Crows Nest as a pre lunch snifter as the 3 day old Expresses and Mails are perused and P&O are back at sea. On a a serious note I do like the odd whisky (Laphroig and Lagavulin) being favourites and also like G&T. Just simple Schweppes tonic ( although following advice it’s slimline- which is hmmm!) but I would suggest (if you spot it) a Tanqueray gin called Malacca. We bought a bottle of it last time we were in Gib ( on the suggestion of a fellow shopper) & it is pretty special. Their Rangpur is also pretty good.
  6. If it’s hot then Campari and soda does the trick. A bit old school, perhaps.
  7. I see a couple of posts mention travel insurance not being interested if you have been given an offer of a credit. This may be the case (not saying it is fair) but our daughter’s ski trip was cancelled and the travel company refused to refund as they claimed the chalet was still being available (in France, really?). The company did however issue each member of the group ( it was a single group booking ) with an individual invoice. The insurance company paid up (-excess) straight away. With regards to cruising though I would be a bit concerned as some passengers will have booked a cruise this year and may due to age & medical history have paid quite a hefty insurance premium. If they are given a future cruise credit then they will have to pay another hefty premium for next year.
  8. Just a thought: We have ‘Kayak’ed a few times on cruises. In the early years the Kayaks were - just as it says on the tin, kayaks. Latterly they have been sit ON floats that you propel with paddles. It may worth enquiring from P&O the nature of the floating craft and then, if it’s not really a kayak then get in touch with your insurers again.
  9. Generally when folk are on their phone at table it’s to text their partner about the dress sense of the nosy couple on the next table. They are obviously too polite to mention it en clair so as not to embarrass the couple on the neighbouring table. No, I am not being serious! I did once text text my wife as we sat in a famous vegetarian restaurant ( no we aren’t vegetarians but just fancied the fare) and a lady on the next table gave a stitch by stitch and drop by drop description of her recent surgical procedure.
  10. Er, no I don’t think so....but what is the situation if you look to pay for an upgrade from a fully obstructed seaview stateroom ( ie inside) to a suite?
  11. a quick check of the terms and conditions...you could finish War & Peace and Ulysses in less time than it would take to read and appreciate the Ts&Cs. ‘Quick’ well I guess on a glacial scale.
  12. On my first cruise I put on a stone and a quarter in the first two days. I was mortified. Next day I’d lost it it all and a few lbs extra. Then logic allied to ‘O’level physics kicked in. It was quite rough travelling down the west cast of Portugal. My first weighing had been as the ship was rising in a pitching sea- hence the increase in weight. If I’d hung about I would have seen the lbs fly off as the ship accelerated into the next trough. In general I don’t change weight on a cruise.
  13. Is it a westerly circumnavigation? In which case it will even out the times between successive day’s meal times. (& also limit the chance of the wildly hungry chewing the MDR doors as it was 25 hours since they last started breakfast!) just a thought.
  14. It’s hardly surprising. I’m sure officers are given guidance into dealing with passengers in a social context ( in the past it may have included offering a cigarette to the passenger and if they accept them you may, if you wish join them.) but it must be a bit of a strain. I have observed officers at social events being rounded on by passengers over issues on board or within the company. I wouldn’t mind betting that a few engineers breathe a sigh of relief if a warning light ( nothing too serious! ) flashes at 11:45 on lunch day. Having speculated the above, I have had a good many very enjoyable loyalty lunches and would be disappointed to see changes.
  15. I would guess that would be because they don’t get the result so of the tests (if they did any-& why would they on a short cruise?). If I remember correctly, outbreaks of illness are categorised as ‘having symptoms similar to Noro virus). Until they have a positive test result it would be wrong to class an outbreak as NV.
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