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  1. Not only are the Millennium Feb and March cruises not available on the Celebrity website but they no longer appear on Cruise Agent websites! Waiting to see what happens next.
  2. David Abel on Diamond Princess has confirmed that Princess Cruises have announced on board that they will fill all prescriptions free if charge for passengers running low on prescribed meds.
  3. We were on Preziosa in Aug Sept for 23 days and the dailies said food was complimentary in the Sports Bar but in the event we never ordered there. Sent from my SM-A320Y using Tapatalk
  4. No we didn't really go down the Rugby trail - we did get quite a bit of insight into current SA politics - the SA couple were seriously considering moving to OZ or NZ! They say that a lot of people are not feeling safe at the moment ...They are from Pretoria area Sent from my SM-A320Y using Tapatalk
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