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  1. Just got off today in San Juan. I'll have my review up soon. Most know how to find it.
  2. After my forth cruise on the Carnival Magic I'm coming around somewhat. I really enjoyed the cruise. I have spoke to the Captain and the Coast Guard about some of the early issues. The aft vibration was not bad at all. Not positive that the thrusters are what is needed. I did notice that they added a third one to the Breeze very late in the process (after the Magic problems were known). Didn't go to the shows....
  3. Shogun or anyone else who may know...which MDR do they use for breakfast on the Crown?
  4. Thanks for the "live from". We'll be joining you in Venice. Really looking forward to Captain Andy, that's a great surprise. I'm not going to pack my kilt though, too far to travel and already worried about airlines losing my bags.
  5. Sounds like the Breeze may have some 'Wow' factor. I hope so. The Magic didn't, IMHO. Looking forward to the 'live' reports.
  6. I'll probably make a dummy booking, that's what the DCL experienced cruisers seem to do.;) Thanks for all the comments.
  7. You really should not be concerned with parking in Galveston. It is the easiest place to park of all the ports I have used. There are numerous private parking lots in the area. They will have people out front encouraging you to park with them. The private lots are much closer than the official port parking and cheaper too. I have used EZ Cruise Parking for many many years. Only rookies actually use the port authority lots. Parking should not be a concern for you.
  8. Thanks. Other than what you mentioned, did you like your cabin? We have same category, we're between forward and mid elevators. I hope we don't get the plumbing problems.
  9. Thanks for the information rk & jk & others. Dummy booking looks like the way to go. Celticgirl has a point about the 'flash sales' (or whatever DCL calls them) I wonder if the deposit could be transferred to a sale, even if you had to pay balance of full deposit. I too would want mine credited to my local TA, but I'm guessing that is easily done at the time of booking. Thanks again, Just trying to learn the fine points of DCL...I'm sure I'll be sailing them a lot now that they have committed to Texas for a while.
  10. If we are undecided on date or need to change it, will the OBC follow res to new date? Sounds like one could do a booking if they don't have FCC's (per se). I know I'll want to sail the Wonder when she comes to Galveston too, just next flexibility in dates.
  11. I wish they would, they would get business from me.
  12. Disney virgin here, 1st cruise next Saturday. Question: Does DCL have future cruise certificates? Something you can buy on board then use for OBC on a future DCL cruise? I know they don't have shareholder benefits, but I did get $50 for using our Disney Rewards credit card. Are there any other opportunities for OBC's? Thanks!
  13. I'm on deck six next Saturday, what was your cabin number?
  14. I have use EZ Cruise parking in Galveston for years. They will take you as a drive up, but you can reserve online if you wish. http://ezcruiseparking.com/
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