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  1. Thanks so much! Looking forward to getting this all sorted. Jan
  2. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me how to upload my Sony A6000 photos to my PC (where specific files have been made). I have been trying today and nothing is going easily. All information is gratefully accepted. Many thanks. Jan
  3. Thanks so much! It is a beautiful fall day here so are looking forward to getting out and enjoying dinner with our family.
  4. Thanks for the links. Our Australian Visa's have now been purchased. One more job complete!
  5. I booked through the US site and all has gone without incident.
  6. Thanks so much for posting this review. We really appreciate the information as we are in Cabin 15012 in November - also departing from Barcelona. It will be our first time in Yacht Club so enjoying the preview! As well, I did not realize I had to pre-book Cirque tickets so will take care of that detail soon.
  7. Tea @ At.mosphere is booked. Thanks to all for your responses - made my decision much easier! Jan
  8. Anne, thanks for your input - it is really appreciated. I will take your advise and book the At.mosphere tea as it sounds great. Will just have to take our chances with the weather. We are visiting Dubai for the first time at the end of a cruise so no other special occasion. We are really looking forward to seeing this part of the world and I am trying to get organized. Thanks again. Jan
  9. We are visiting Dubai in early December and, of course, want to visit Burj Khalifa. We are trying to decide on one of the following options: -tea at At.mosphere @3pm -going to level 148 @5pm -bubbly sunset @ levels 152-54 @ 5:30 Would love to hear from others who have done any of these options and how you enjoyed the experience. These are not inexpensive excursions so want to make the best decision. Many thanks for any and all opinions.
  10. We will be on Bellissima in November & are wondering which type of power outlets we will find in staterooms - European or North American or a mix? Thanks for any information.
  11. Thanks!! Wishing everyone a wonderful day!
  12. Thanks for your response. Happy to hear that I will have some good coffee options.
  13. Are there places around the ship to get good coffee (other than the buffet and the dining room)? I really like a great cup in the morning!
  14. Steve, thanks so much for the CVS information. We should be able to get everything we need there thus making our luggage much lighter!!
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