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  1. cruise9876kend

    Ncl jade

    What Are you best bits about ncl jade and Norway Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. cruise9876kend

    Has this ever happened on Pando

    Slightly different we booked on ncl epic last September for 7nts and had are cruise cancelled because they extended dry dock we have privately booked flights and transfer ncl refunded are airfare and transfer and transferred are booking to a cruise of are choice with the same cabin grade for the same price we choose 10nt canary still on the epic and got a all inclusive drinks package thrown in for free we had to wait a extra 2 months for a holiday but was worth the wait and was happy with what ncl offered us
  3. cruise9876kend

    First time cruiser cabin query

    Look on YouTube lots of cabin videos on their X
  4. cruise9876kend

    Britannia - Fire on board?

    We are on Britannia in October for the transatlantic crossing can't wait glad everything ended up be ok and that crew and staff handled the situation I was on ocean village transatlantic one year in the middle of the Atlantic all the light went out and captain kept us updated and there was a fire in one of her engines we drifted of course for about hour and half but at no time to we feel the captain and crew didn't have it under control and ocean village being a sister line to p&o I have upmost respect for p&o crew
  5. cruise9876kend


    I am going on Britannia ta in October and have seen on here they are offering different internet prices per a day depending on what level of Internet u need but I was wondering as it X amount pounds for a day do you have to have it for the whole 14 nights or could I by a day pass every other day as and when I need it? I normally just use land based Internet in ports but sailing the Atlantic I need to have contact with home due to family illness Thanks
  6. cruise9876kend

    Epic - cabin question

    Haven't stayed it on this deck but had a balcony and mini. Suite on deck 12 so can't comment on noise levels but we just opened up the balcony door between are room so didn't need interconnecting rooms also the shower is on one side of the cabin as u walk in with a glass door and on the other side of the door is the toilet with a glass door they are both frosted glass and u can see a outlines of the person using it their is also a curtain u can pull the separate this whole section to the rest of the cabin
  7. cruise9876kend

    Question re muster station

    I see people do go off point quickly
  8. cruise9876kend

    Question re muster station

    Hi john what it's ridiculous about my post I'm a little confused lol
  9. cruise9876kend

    Question re muster station

    I know what the time will be for the master drill when u board I would get ur mothers life jacket and take her to her master station find her a comfortable seat 15/20 mins before this way u can still use the lifts and wait with her till the drill alarm is sounded the u and ur partner move to ur station this way u know she is there and safe and she can wait there until it's over so u can help her back up to the cabin
  10. cruise9876kend

    Oceana cabin upgrade

  11. cruise9876kend

    Oceana cabin upgrade

    Winners is a sports bar I haven't cruised this ship but I have been above and below casino, nightclubs and theatres on other ships and I have never had any noise issues Hope your upgrade work out best for u and enjoy ur cruise
  12. cruise9876kend

    Kids club question

    Ok thank you for your reply
  13. cruise9876kend

    Kids club question

    Does anyone one know if the children can get drinks ie water squash while in kids club my little girl will be 4 didn't know if I should take a drinks bottle to send with her X
  14. cruise9876kend

    Epic shows question

    There are shows that are on in headliners the same time as the theatre but are repeated later or on another day these show also need to be booked best way to do it is when u arrive onboard go to either end of the ship on any public deck and in the middle of the 4 lifts is a interactive tv to book shows and dinners but u need everyone cards because they all need to be scanned so get a ticket hope this helps A lot of people moan about the epic but she is one of a kind and I loved her enjoy ur cruise
  15. cruise9876kend


    I booked onto the October transatlantic on Britannia I was wondering if anyone knows the price of the Internet packages please P.s I more then aware of the quality of Internet at sea but have never sailed p&o so not sure of there pricing thanks