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  1. If you are worried about the ferry to water island, there is a tour called ConTiki that leaves from the cruise ship docks, goes over to the island and gives you a couple hours of beach time. Water island is AMAZING, and honeymoon beach is about as picturesque as you can get for a Caribbean beach. Bonus: there are nearly always sea turtles inside the swim area. I stayed on the island for a week (twice) and even with 2 or 3 party boats on big ship days, it never feels "crowded" Pro Tip: Heidi's Grill (left side of the beach facing land) has KILLER fish tacos!
  2. Dinghey's has paddle boards and kayaks, and on really busy days there's a guy in the middle of the beach that rents sea doos.
  3. Cricket: Take a 15 minute-ish taxi ride to Crown Bay Marina. From there, the ferry runs once an hour, on the hour from Tickles Dockside Pub. The trip across takes less than 10 minutes. Fare is 10 bucks round trip. When you get to water island, there's a free shuttle bus waiting that takes you to one of the 2 bars on honeymoon beach.. Easy peasy. Pro Tip: Dinghey's bar charges for beach chairs, Heidi's does not....and I personally think the food is MUCH better at Heidis. Dinghey's is more of a sports-bar, party vibe, and Heidi's feels more like a local watering hole. If you'r looking for more of an activity, you can rent a golf cart from where the ferry docks, and explore for a couple of hours. There's some old WWII ruins (there's a sign at the little outdoor post office with info about that). There's also a cobblestone beach on the opposite side of the island that's very pretty, has some snorkeling, but is usually pretty rough with waves.
  4. I've heard that there used to be a pretty elaborate network of hiking trails on Hassel Island, but I've read conflicting reports about their condition as well as access to the island. Has anyone hiked on Hassel since the storms? Thanks
  5. It's a massive party barge that goes to Honeymoon Beach at Water Island. If you're into the party barge scene, cool...but it's a LOT of people. For me a better experience is to grab a taxi to the water island ferry dock. the ferry is ten bucks, and the beach is walking distance down a little dirt road. There are 2 awesome bar/restaurants on either end of the beach.
  6. This image just appeared on Reddit, showing an email the Royal Caribbean is sending out to guests booked to cuba.
  7. Really, enough with the off topic politics. That's not what people come here for.
  8. What I'm reading is that effective June 5, 2019, if you haven't already paid your fare, you cannot sail to Cuba on a cruise ship. The language in the Associated Press article indicates that if you've got a ticket, you can sail...but as myself and others have speculated...if the cruise line cannot legally book additional passage to Cuba after tomorrow...we all know they're not going to send empty ships. Odds are, itineraries get rerouted (as allowed in the cruise contract) or some sailings get outright cancelled. Again..I'm just speculating...but it I don't see other likely scenarios.
  9. https://www.apnews.com/67c721daee8143d4a2e6ee8c401bf215 AP News https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/trump-administration-bans-educational-and-recreational-travel-to-cuba PBS Sourcce
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