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  1. We stayed at Cassidy's and absolutely loved it. They have pub and restaurant and it's close to the Hop On Hop Off bus.
  2. Can anyone recommend hotels in Amsterdam. Want to stay there for 2 days after cruise. Interested in the Anne Frank house and seeing flowers. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you. Really appreciate the help.
  4. If you are going to stay in Amsterdam for two nights after the cruise and your ship arrives at 5 a.m., what can you do with your luggage until it's time to check into your hotel? Any help is appreciated.
  5. To us, that's the charm of an Italian ship - that things are different. We've had a great time every time we've sailed an Italian ship - especially when we did the Irish cruise on one. That was a blast!
  6. Our great-grandson was born (a week and a half early) while we were on a cruise. I wouldn't have missed that news for the world. We usually buy the smallest package and then just go on periodically to check our email. What a treat to be able to see his picture an hour after he was born. :-)
  7. that there's any excuse for beating anyone as a solution to a problem. I also find it interesting how people misinterpret what they read. I thought it was clear from the first post that the dog's owner was beaten by a person who didn't think the dog should be on board and that the attacker was put off in Dominica. It sickening how some people treat their fellow humans. My husband and I would be happy to see a dog/dogs on board as we miss our furry child when we're away and our granddogs, too.
  8. We love Celebrity. And, if you're top tier, the perks are better.
  9. I'm one of those weird people who love the rocking and rolling. If I don't get some, I don't feel like I'm on a cruise. :-)
  10. I don't think you could find a better deal at a beach. For $4, my husband and I had two chairs, an umbrella and use of all of the facilities. We're in our 70's, so we didn't need the water toys. :-) The new pool and the grounds are beautiful. You have to find a good spot to get into the water, but once in, it's wonderful. Not crystal clear, but I could see into the water pretty well. We had some food and it was delicious and fresh. A tad on the high side, but you get nice servings. It was $30 for the two of us for a taxi round-trip.
  11. My husband and I have had minor complaints on some of our cruises, but nothing that halted the enjoyment of the cruise. We like the Dawn also. While it is nice to have the same waiter every night, it's also fun to meet different people every night. I like both options. I agree with many of the other posters - a cruise is what you make it. We try to stay away from any "complainers" we come across. :-) Hope you enjoy whichever ship/line you choose.
  12. Most cruise lines don't allow these on board. I've had mine taken away for the length of the cruise. This is a safety hazard.
  13. We ate at 6 or 5:30 (depending on the day). I think all of the Irish cruisers ate at the same time due to the schedule of the entertainment. They put a special sticker on your seapass card to identify you and they do check it when you go into the shows. They also have a list of names if you lose your sticker and/or card. That's one thing we had a problem with - mostly at the internet - it would "eat" your seapass card. We had to go get new ones a few times. I found the reception desk personnel to be very helpful. I watched one day as a lady went off on one of the personnel, repeating herself again and again. It was something the staff would not have had control over, but the girl kept her cool and was cordial the entire time.
  14. Yes, the other passengers had access to the outdoor entertainment, but it didn't cause any problems that I'm aware of. Seats were always at a premium. We didn't go to the ship's shows (we had booked a back-to-back so went to see the ship's shows on that cruise). The Irish entertainment started around 8 p.m. in a lounge that was reserved for us. It went on until the wee hours in different venues. The main show was at 10 p.m. in the large theater and many times that ran until 11:30. The staff spoke English as well as on any other ship. They have a hilarious group of staff who entertain outside as well. We found the crew to be very polite and helpful. Our cabin attendant was a jewel. They announce very few things and, when they do, it's in several languages. It's very peaceful without all the announcements. I hope I haven't repeated or haven't answered something you asked. I'll check back. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this cruise to anyone who loves Irish music. Ronan Tynan is phenomenal and they have a comedian who will have your sides splitting.
  15. We just got back from two weeks on the Poesia. We found the personnel to be very friendly. One of the assistant waiters just about "adopted" us and treated us as though we were beloved parents. He usually found us at breakfast and stopped to talk even if he wasn't in our area. Also, our cabin attendant was very friendly and greeted us constantly. The people at reception were always pleasant and helpful. On the last day of the cruise, I noticed that in the buffet area, the waiters were serving coffee and pulling out chairs for people. Service in the dining room was great. Anything that we asked about was given to us and they were extremely accommodating. We loved the line. I've never seen so much maintenance going on, and I've been on several lines. They even polished the rims of staircases that were rarely used. We liked the food. Their pasta dishes are wonderful. There are always people on any cruise who will complain - we try to stay away from them.
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