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  1. My canceled cruise was completely paid for. When the PVP I spoke to rebooked for me, every bit of it was accounted for on the confirmation I rec'd. The OBC I had was $200 on a casino promo, plus the $300 cancelation OBC. I have the confirmation with amounts that I received when I did the rebooking, and now I have this. I'm baffled how it happened, but not looking the gift horse in the mouth.
  2. After the last round of cancelations, I rebooked to Christmas on the Sunshine. I owed $900 and had $500 OBC. I just went in to make a payment, and now I only owe $649, and I have $800 OBC. I haven't opened or looked at this since I booked it, and most definitely didn't ask for a price adjustment. Is this a normal thing? Do they make adjustments without saying anything? I did print the documents for proof, but I'm going to pay it off at that price and savings!
  3. They have announced the Ecstasy can't get in due to fog. Currently anchored 7 miles off shore waiting. It's been a very rocky trip with the weather, the crew are saying it was the worst they've seen. Even missed Princess Cay.
  4. I was put on Xarelto 5 weeks ago. It doesn't require the testing that some of the others do, but my Dr said her wants it tested a week before I go, just to make sure and will probably test when I get back. Just follow Dr orders until your trip, as long as you don't have any unusual issues, you should be good. Hopefully all goes well for you!!
  5. I don't think purchasing a bottle for your room has anything to do with your drink package, if you're speaking of Cheers. They are two separate purchases, and with Cheers, they count the drinks you get from the bars against your card daily. They would have no way to track how many times you pour a drink in your room.
  6. Actually, the other couple that's going with us is stoked for formal night (well she is, lol) She's calling it prom night, and is going all out. This cruise is counting as my honeymoon, so we'll probably dress up some as well and get some nice photos. Sounds like you're having a great time, keep it up!
  7. It's helping them seeing your pictures and stuff too... they're all nervous about everything being all fancy-schmancy. I keep telling them I'm bringing them on Carnival because it's smaller and more fun. They're old bikers, fancy-schmancy isn't going to work lol..
  8. 17 of you? That's going to be awesome I bet! I haven't brought any kids yet to use the kids camp, but I know people who have, and the kids love it! She needs to rest assured they are in good hands, this is what the camp people do. Depending on the age of the kids, they will have different activities, and if they have phones they should be able to get set up on the Hub messaging so they can still check in with mom.
  9. There's an ugly sweater contest, they have caroling, they do a special show. They've got the Grinch stuff going on too. It's lots of fun, I love Christmas cruises, and usually everyone is in a great mood so that helps.
  10. Us too! I'm bringing 3 first timers, so I'm having them follow this as well.
  11. Thanks for the room pics! It's the first time I'll be in an Oceanview room. We are also going to be on the Empress deck, cabin E106
  12. Following as well, we are on her next month for Christmas.
  13. 😂 In no way meant to offend 😂
  14. This is a routine maintenance dry dock. They will probably do a deep clean, fix minor but noticeable issues, refresh the bedding and curtains maybe, things of that nature. If you are expecting a fully renovated ship after dry dock, you will be disappointed. You mentioned that if the Ecstasy is bad, your other half will want to cancel the Mardi Gras. Comparing the Ecstasy to the Mardi Gras is unfair. Ecstasy is an old girl who has served her time, millions of passengers and, in all actuality, will be nothing compared to what the Mardi Gras will be. Does that mean we won't be on the Ecstasy for Christmas this year? Nope, we'll be on her, and we'll have a great time with our friends. Next year, we will be on the Mardi Gras and will have a great time as well, and probably ooh and ahh over how wonderful she is. Not trying to offend you, just trying to say you can't compare these two ships and hope for an equal outcome. It's like comparing Grandma's comfy old 70's Buick to a new BMW.
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