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  1. Not gimmicky at all. My DH has used one every day for the last 5 years or so. Says he will never go back to a french press. because it uses a small filter, there is no grinds in your coffee, and because the coffee is made under pressure it has more flavor than the french press. The grinds come out in a little puck that you just pop into the garbage. much less messy than cleaning the grinds from the french press. The plastic is not flimsy and in 5 year my DH has never "toppled" it. Also, because it is plastic, no worry about it breaking in you luggage. Maybe you should try it before you form an opinion.
  2. Aeropress is much less messy than french press.
  3. I have cruised on MSC with my DD when she was vegan. The Maitre D met with us every night to plan the next days meal with DD. They even made her special desserts. It was a great experience.
  4. Call the cruise line or TA and have the name changed to her maiden name, then travel with current passport.
  5. I wish they would just stop printing all that crap. It is such a waste of paper and ink.
  6. that is correct, if the expiry date is Jan 2020 than then is the date you must sail by.
  7. You're missing the point that it is not one sided control, men also " retain the option to say “no” after repeatedly saying yes, even at the point of “doing it” (which presumably includes while “doing it”)." The main difference is that men can just stop when if they decide to, they don't have to say "no or stop" and hope that their partner complies.
  8. A "NO" to any of the last 3 is not complicated nor negated by a "yes" to any of the questions that proceeded it!
  9. I'm sure they weren't wearing signs that said "I'm a Predator"
  10. Heaven forbid some 15 yr old girl reads this and doesn't report a rape for fear of victim blaming.
  11. I totally disagree with that. It makes sense to tell people to call because they could possible get an OBC for part of the difference or get a room upgrade but not to be disappointed if they don't. That is useful information that everyone may not know. Asking them if they would call to pay more is not useful and is only is said to make people feel bad about asking the question.
  12. Did you book it before the price of the SDP went up?
  13. Why do people continue to post this on every thread about price drops? It is NOT helpful!!!
  14. Can you still get the perks when booking that close to sailing?
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