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  1. I was supposed to be on a fjords cruise this past May, they the plague happened. Hopefully I'll be able to do it in 2021.
  2. Thanks for that, I didn't stay on the line to talk to someone, I will try that next time.
  3. Thanks, unfortunately, when I call that number it also defaults to the canadian customer service. 😞
  4. Can someone please give me the MSC USA customer service phone number. The website keeps defaulting to the Canadian site. Thanks
  5. I agree that people need to say something but that fact is that they shouldn't have to. People are very quick to say you shouldn't complain about something because it is "in the contract you signed" or it is in the T&C's you agreed to, yet they have seem to have no issue if NCL is the one that doesn't follow it's own T&C's. Why are the customs held to the contract but NCL is not?
  6. No, and I never said they did. I said that it was, In MY opinion, an example of Nickel and diming. I posted the link in response to someone saying that it has never happened to them just to show that I am not the only one who has been told this, and it was not one waiters misinterpration of the rules.
  7. What the cost is doesn't matter. The point is that NCL has one thing in it's T&C and tells you something different in person to discourage you from ordering extra.
  8. This thread alone has 4 different cruisers who were give the limitations at Cagney's when using the SDP. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2648843-specialty-restaurant-advice-needed/
  9. It has happened to us on Breakaway and Epic. It was not being confused with the Platinum perk. There are many people on this board who have said they were told the same thing. You should not have to "call out" your waiter. They should know and follow the T&C's. I did tell the waiter (even though I shouldn't have had to) that that was not what the T&C says, the response was that they are told to say that by their supervisor. It is not "your own fault" that NCL intentionally tells their staff to tell the customers something that in not part of the T&C just so they can get a few extra $ out of someone who doesn't know the T&C's or just doesn't want to ruin the dining experience by confronting the wait staff.
  10. I think Cagneys with with SDP is an example of NCL nickel and diming. If you read the T&C of the SDP (doing your research) it states that there is a limit of one entree included. It does not list any other limits. When you get to the restaurant, your waiter tells you there is a limited of one Appy and one desert and 2 sides. If you want more you have to pay. Then you look at the menu and see that some appy's and some entree have an added fee over and about the SDP that you already paid for. To me, that is nickel and dining.
  11. You are not in an airplane for 7 days and you can easily leave disney to go home to self isolate or go to hospital if necessary. Not at all the same as being on a cruise.
  12. Where did you read that I expected it to continue forever and always apply to me? Don't put words in my mouth! The OP asked a question and I gave my experience. Maybe she uses the same TA. Yes they were simply cancellations, no rebooking at the time. I don't think this TA usually charges a cancelling fee, they put it in their terms as a CYA so to speak, somewhat like the cruise lines put in their contract that they can change a fuel surcharge. They may apply the charge if someone continually books several cruises and cancels most or all of them.
  13. I always book with the same online TA. Their terms state that they may charge a cancellation fee, but I have cancelled 3 or 4 cruises with them over the years and have never been charged.
  14. Have you received a refund for port fees and taxes?
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