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  1. As per the bolded point, I heard the opposite from Dr. Fauci yesterday. He said if you are vaccinated and out in public you should still follow the protocols but if you are with other family members who are also vaccinated you don't need to wear a mask and can relax the guidelines.
  2. So why is wearing masks and following arrows on the floor being "brainwashed" but wearing seatbelt and following arrows on one way streets not? When you live in society sometimes you have to do things for the good of that society. Being part of the solution instead of being part of the problem does not mean you are brainwashed, it means you are a responsible citizen. Just my opinion.
  3. But if everyone is vaccinated, why is this an issue?
  4. Of all the things I would like to see go back to normal, hand shaking is not one of them. I always found it awkward, like men are afraid they are going to break you if they give you a real handshake so they do this whimpy thing where they try to shake your hand with just the tips of their fingers. And then I feel like when someone puts out their hanf for a handshake, it is like saying "here, have my germs".
  5. Has anyone heard anything about Cruise next certificates that have expired after they stopped sailing but before this extension had been announced. i.e., ones that expired between Mar 2020 and Feb 2021?
  6. How many vaccines have been pulled from the market because they were found not to be safe or had extreme side effects?
  7. I had 3 cancelled, 1 in march and 2 in May, all cancelled during the initial cancellations in march,.I have not and will not book another cruise until cruising has been up and running for several months with no issues and I and my DH have been vaccinated.
  8. I did for my back to back cruises in May that were cancelled in March. Credit card gave full refund, details were outlined earlier in this thread.
  9. I was just going to point out that putting this on the Canada/ new England board is not the right place because it also affects the Alaska cruises.
  10. Lots of great memories of places but this is one of my favorite personal moments. In March 2018 I did the Baatan Memorial Death March in New Mexico. https://bataanmarch.com In April 2018 I was on a transatlantic cruise. I was walking down the hallway from my cabin one morning, wearing my t-shirt from the event with Baatan written across the front. A room stewart stopped me and asked if I had been to Baatan. I told him no and explained about the Memorial march that I had done the month before. He told me his grandfather had been a POW in the Philippines and had survived th
  11. I'm talking about Cruise next FCCs that I bought on my cruise in May, 2018. They original expiry date was May, 2022, 4 years from purchase. They change the expiry to Apr 2022, actually shortening them by a month. I think it is ridiculous that NCL will not extent FCCs when they haven't sailed in almost a year and will be over a year by the time they start again. I would be calling again, how can they not extend it when they won't even be sailing by the time it expires. The money you paid them doesn't expire.
  12. I don't remember ever seeing this on FCC that are purchased.
  13. This is the problem! Both my sister and a friend of mine have lost an FCC that has expired since NCL has stopped sailing.
  14. I just checked my FCC on myNCL and see that they have also been changed to 4/2022. The problem is that the original expiry date was 5/2022 so they actually shorten their life by a month. If NCL had any integrity at all, all FCC that were due to expire after cruising had stopped, would be extended by the amount of time that they have not been sailing, which will be min 1 yr.
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