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  1. Nightrythm


    I've watched the tour videos. It looks to me like there's way more comfortable places to relax than on some of the other ships.
  2. I'm a brewer. Beer kept out of the light should be fine. Exposing it to light or air will skunk it. That's why beer in clear bottles is crap, it's way more likely to be bad.
  3. @eroller - I'm sorry to be dense, but how are you getting visibility into their bookings?
  4. How do you know it wasn't sold out?
  5. It looks like you can just put your suitcase in the closet, under the hanging rod. There should be enough room that any long things still have a spot they can be. When I was in Japan, our hotel room had limited space. That was what we did to get the suitcases out of the way.
  6. That looks like a one hole-er to me. It would seem maybe they have various single serve restrooms?
  7. The bathrooms have been reported as "small" and might be uncomfortable for cruisers "of size." My husband is now concerned the showers are too small. If you could take a look at the width of the shower opening and possibly the measurements of the shower, that would be awesome. I know it's a strange ask, so no problem if it's too much.
  8. In the videos I saw, the windows were large and round. I think the spaces looked dark because the weather in Dover was dark. I'm curious to see how that will all change when we get shots from the Caribbean.
  9. I'm looking forward to it. 🙂
  10. I also tip well, but that's because I know people are paid less and then taxed at an assumed tip rate. If tips are included, I take that to mean folks are earning a living wage and therefore don't need tips.
  11. The menu's look f'n fantastic. I'm drooling.
  12. It also doesn't help that they're making them so big, that they're giant apartment buildings. There's no way to make that pretty and still have the same kind of capacity.
  13. There's a Brunch place and a coffee counter. I would imagine breakfast would be served in the not-a-buffet. I would also imagine some of those places serve breakfast and lunch. It would be silly to have them closed/unused otherwise.
  14. Their Instagram has 166k followers. I'm definitely seeing engagement there.
  15. I order a glass of water and drink some water, cleaning my straw. At night I give the straw a good scrubbing with hot water and the bottle brush I have for it.
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