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    Norovirus on Escape (10/15 sailing)

    Also, all menus were on paper without any kind of cover. Receipts didn't come in folders. In talking to a waiter, the crew buffet was the same as far as not being able to serve themselves. This is a bigger inconvenience for the crew as they wake up and try to grab something to eat and go to work. The waiter said the queue was very long.
  2. My number one gripe is when people on the boards use the term, "first world problem." Well no kidding!!!!! What other kind of problems do cruisers have?
  3. cruizinwithkids

    Only 4:30 Boarding time left on NCL Escape Cruise

    But I think the boarding times are also on a first come, first serve basis. I don't think this really changes the fairness factor. OP booked their cruise late so they got the late boarding time. I'm not answering OP as far as whether the 4:30 arrival time is enforced, Just whether first come first serve is really any different if it is on-line or at the terminal. I don't know.
  4. cruizinwithkids

    10 Days Until NCL Dawn--Need Motivation

    You could just be a procrastinator like I am. My house is a mess but I don't have time to clean it now. I leave tomorrow and I have laundry in!!!! UGH!!!! How did this happen?!?!?!?!? Actually, if I was really nice, I would post a picture of my house. That would be motivation for you to not procrastinate!!!
  5. cruizinwithkids

    Havenly disappointment?

    This brought to me what the issue might really be. Why is the second bedroom nowhere near the level? Why should they not expect equal experiences? For years I thought the only difference between a suite and a "regular" room was the size of the room. I couldn't understand why someone would pay that much more for a bigger room. If there are two bedrooms, why wouldn't the room steward and butler be expected to treat both the same? Why does the second bedroom have to ask for chocolates and daily freestyles or whatever? Yes, the OP should have asked rather than getting upset but why should she have had to?
  6. cruizinwithkids

    Two Places Whiney, Crying Babies Annoy Me...

    I feel the same way and my kids are 24 and 26. They on the other hand have no patience for crying kids. LOL
  7. cruizinwithkids

    NCL wouldn't let me pay my onboard account

    Then what's the point of signing the receipt?
  8. cruizinwithkids

    On Board, Not Honoring Promos

    GREAT!!! Now relax and enjoy!!!
  9. cruizinwithkids

    On Board, Not Honoring Promos

    A couple of years ago I had a $260 OBC. I think it was a 10% credit they were offering. I changed my reservation and lost the credit. I knew that I was not entitled to it, but every time I received my amenities it was included. When we boarded the ship I went through all the welcome aboard paperwork and there was no credit. I went to guest services and asked about it. I had it in amenity paperwork from just a few days prior. Sure enough, they checked with corporate and were able to figure out that I wasn't entitled to it. My only point is that even though people might have their amenities printed out, that doesn't mean it's accurate.
  10. cruizinwithkids

    A few questions about NCL

    My family uses an expression that I think would be appropriate here: Go sit in the ocean.
  11. cruizinwithkids

    Trying to Charge for Everything?

    How do you get this information? I always like statistics like this. Years ago, a friend of mine worked for NCL, in a managment position on a ship. At the beginning of the cruise they were given the number that the ship needed to generate in revenue. Departments were assigned different amounts. There would be meetings during the week to see if departments were meeting their targets and targets would be adjusted. I assume that the on-board revenue needed today is significantly less than it used to be.
  12. cruizinwithkids

    Upgrade Advantage Offer Escape Help. ??

    That's an interesting twist. I don't think it's an upgrade offer. I think it's an offer to bid on an upgrade. If this same offer was sent to Haven guests, they could also bid for different rooms freeing up their Haven rooms.
  13. cruizinwithkids

    Upgrade Advantage Offer Escape Help. ??

    I think you are sailing after the newly introduced bidding period. This thread might help. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2404812
  14. cruizinwithkids

    Wine List

    Have any of you tried the North and South red blend wine? I ask because I really like it. However I am absolutely not a wine connoisseur or pretend to be one. I recommended this wine to my SIL who is sailing next month on the Dawn. Do you think it's an OK recommendation?
  15. cruizinwithkids

    Upsell negotiable?

    I don't know if it's true but I have heard there are only two people who work in the upsell department - can't remember the official name of the department. If that's true I can understand why you would always get the same person. It appears that there is only one H6 available on your sailing so there really isn't a need for NCL to negotiate at this point.