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  1. nope I believe it. Stop drinking the kool aid yourself.
  2. our house tooth governor here in nj im sure wont allow it.... if it involves fun or some type stimulant for the economy he wont let it happen!
  3. as a jersey resident who does business in the city, we have the 2 biggest idiots leading us!
  4. leveraged of the seas the next boat could be over-leveraged of the seas
  5. not sure if you didn't have a budge but ive stayed at the intercontinental (now the royal sonesta) and the four seasons both and were awesome.. the four seasons is way out there and not close to the ships at all.. hopefully its not the same bed from years ago lol but my wife and i say that was the most comfortable bed we've ever stayed in at the intercontinental.
  6. are they any relation to the group that wears pins stating their status? lolol
  7. if they can't sail this year because the virus is still dragging on, well have much bigger problems like the economy would be so badly ruined at that point I'm sure not many people will even be thinking about cruising
  8. would you be happy paying significantly more for your cruise due to this? i think we are all happy with cheap cruise fares.
  9. never had one before till last month while hanging out in coco cay.. ive looked for some recipes online, but dont taste the same. not sure if royal adds anything extra? trying to self quarantine this weekend with some bahama mamas, lol!
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