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  1. Different strokes. I wasn’t concerned about losing my husband. I was concerned about maximizing our time together in order to share in the spectacular experience of being in Antarctica. I knew we would meet up eventually. But if he’s looking for me and I’m looking for him then neither of us are enjoying our time in the unbelievable beauty of the scenery or the majesty of the whales or the playfulness of the penguins. Anything that could facilitate our finding each other quickly is a welcome addition as far as I’m concerned.
  2. It’s very easy to say it but in some situations not as easy to implement. As indicated in my original post I went inside to get warm. My husband was taking pics and moving from port to starboard and back again based on what might be visible on either side based on the naturalists pointing out particular ice formations or wildlife. I had no idea how long it would take to get warm and I certainly didn’t want my husband to miss anything while waiting for me. Plus, most of the boat was out on the top two decks so it was crowded. In that particular situation it would have been nice and certainly easier to have a messaging app. I can think of MANY situations where a messaging app would be useful.
  3. I stand by my opinion that the person to whom my comment was directed was rude and added nothing to the discussion. He/she wasn’t advocating for no phones onboard ship, he/she was commenting on my inability to locate my husband.There was nothing in the response that indicated the poster’s position at all. My original post asked about a messaging app, nothing more. I think the idea of a messaging app is great and look forward to utilizing it on my next cruise. If your position is that there should be no phones onboard at all then I can’t imagine that will ever happen and in my opinion it shouldn’t happen. While I agree that people can be inconsiderate of others while using a cell phone, there are legitimate reasons for wanting them onboard. I for one would rather politely tell the rude person that his/her non emergency phone call was disturbing my dinner than prevent someone with a sick relative from having contact. I actually believe that most cruisers respect the sensitivities of others while onboard and use the silent function on their phones and don’t make calls that are disruptive to others. If you find other people to be annoying then I don’t think cruising is for you.
  4. Because the scenery was spectacular and I only went inside for a bit to get warm. And I don’t think rudeness needs to be a part of this forum. I asked a legitimate question and don’t see where your reply added anything to the discussion.
  5. Yes, but if I have the plans and don’t here from anyone then I know my house is still standing and the dog is alive.
  6. Different strokes indeed. If I had made similar plans and given similar instructions I would be constantly worried that my house had burned down and the dog had died.
  7. Some people either don’t need or don’t want to either reach or be reached while on vacation. To each their own. I have children and elderly parents and I like to know that I can reach out or have them reach out while I’m away. During my last cruise there was a serious cold snap that necessitated me calling home to direct my son in what to do with the water/heat of a seasonal home we own. Everyone has different circumstances and my saying that you would definitely need something beyond the internet for calling home obviously only applies to those who want or need that option.
  8. Unless you pay for it, internet not available on a cruise ship. I am just back from an Antarctica cruise and oddly enough there is no internet in Antarctica, nor was there internet in the Falkland Islands. We definitely needed either an international plan and cellular at sea, or both.
  9. We had the international plan which worked fine in port, but not onboard. For that we needed a cruise ship plan called cellular at sea. We had AT&T.
  10. I recently returned from a Celebrity cruise to Antarctica. While taking pictures and videos of the spectacular scenery I would sometimes get cold and want to go inside for a bit. My husband would often want to continue taking pictures, moving from port to starboard based on the naturalist’s observations about what could be seen on either side. Here’s the problem. I had no way of getting in touch with my husband in order to find him again when I warmed up. I was discussing this with our table mates at dinner and they were lamenting the same issue. They did say, however, that Princess has an app that allows you to text other people onboard. Does anyone know if that is the case? I’m wondering if you would accumulate roaming charges for using the app or if you would have to shut down all your other apps to avoid extra data charges. If, however, Princess has managed to find a way to facilitate communication while onboard I hope Celebrity quickly follows suit.
  11. That sounds awful, and yes, the last day on a cruise is not nearly as awful as it could be. But it is not as good as it could be either.
  12. I still feel that if celebrity needs more time then they shouldn’t assign me a time that doesn’t allow them the opportunity to turn over the room. It seems incredible to me that Celebrity informs the disembarking guests when to leave and informs the arriving guest when to arrive but then I’m supposed to feel bad that that isn’t enough time. The problem seems to be the need to turn over the boat so quickly, which is the mass market hysteria that Celebrity has now fallen prey to and the point of my original post.
  13. Celebrity is setting the times for embarkation and disembarkation. I follow what they set up. If it’s not enough time then they should alter it to allow for a less rushed transition. As for the hotel comparison, anyone who thinks the entire hotel property isn’t being turned over has never been to Disney during peak times. Disney allows enough time to clean and outfit each room and I am permitted to stay in my room until check out time without the housekeeper keeping watch with a dirty linen bag. I understand that many, if not most of you are not bothered by Celebrity rushing us off and that’s fine. But Celebrity tells me what time they want me in the MDR for disembarkation and I should be permitted to follow their instructions without being made to feel as if I am in the way and no longer welcome. I found it to be particularly offensive on this past cruise and it was one of many areas in which I feel Celebrity has slipped.
  14. But the “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry” mentality was not nearly as prominent on my prior cruises. I never before had the crew waiting in the hallway, armed with the dirty laundry bag, waiting for guests to leave. I actually felt like I was being rushed out the door and it’s not a nice feeling. Combine this with all the other items mentioned, no flowers, no welcoming champagne, cheap tote bag, thin towels, and it certainly looks and feels like a decline from the Celebrity I was familiar with.
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