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  1. If Seabourn has lots of suites available (doubtful due to GTYs), they will sell them off cheaply at the last minute. It might not be discounted in your market, but they will often sell to the European market (or another market) at a very low price. They also heavily market to interline industries (airlines employees, etc). Just ask around onboard and see how many ex-pilots and flight attendants are onboard. You will be surprised.
  2. Trivia, trivia and more trivia! Plus plenty of port and enrichment lectures, bridge, baggo prize games, shuffle board, cocktail making competition, chef demonstrations and a belly flop competition in the pool...(actually I made the last one up!) Not sure about Shopping with the Chef. Definitely not available at least one year that we sailed and we forgot to ask last time.
  3. I was also very surprised, especially when I stuck my head in on a sea day and saw all the cabanas full. This was completely opposite to Athens-Dubai where the only people I observed in The Retreat were the trivia prize winners.
  4. Removing the Retreat is never going to happen. SB are going to make money from this area one way or another and putting sun beds up there is not going to make them $$$$. After several repositioning cruises, I was amazed that Seabourn would have a space that so few people were interested in paying for. Then I took a 14 night Hong Kong-Singapore cruise and it was busy every day and full on sea days. Certain passengers will pay for the exclusivity of it just like the suites. Why pay a 4X multiple of your cruise fare on SB for what amounts to a slightly larger stateroom and not really anything else? Yet the suites are often the first to sell out... Finally, the Retreat could be repurposed into suites at a future drydock. I am sure the exec's have already discussed this and perhaps they have had preliminary plans drawn up. The stretching of the little sisters was not Windstar's idea. The HD on the Legend actually showed me the proposed plans prior to their sale to Windstar. Oh, but I like the idea of the timer!
  5. Probably to 'protect' passengers paying full price. SB gets a lot of complaints from customers paying X price and then seeing their vacation discounted by 2,3,4K+ after final payment. Same holds true for discounting the high-end suites just before sailing.
  6. I don't see why not. Seabourn wants its best customers to try their new ships.
  7. You missed the 'at a realistic price' part. The reason Seabourn is giving away the suites to guarantees is that they cannot upsell them at $6000pp.
  8. But an OB can be a PH or higher. I've even seen an OB guarantee get an Owners Suite. Why Seabourn does this instead of monetizing (at a realistic price) upgrades is anyones guess. I imagine that not giving great upgrades to loyal club members might have something to do with reminding us that should we really want that V6, we need to pay for it in advance.
  9. Yes, they have GF soy sauce. Only one lunch bento is gluten free however-the mushroom bento.
  10. We were awarded our pins two cruises ago. It was totally embarrassing to stand up at the Club event and be 'recognized'. I wish I'd chosen NOT to be recognized. I know some people like this sort of thing, but we will not be attending future club parties-not our type of thing. Plus if you're on Ovation or Encore and plan to dine in the main restaurant, you will need to arrive before the party is over in order to make the show. The pins look nice, but I've never seen anyone wear one onboard. Maybe they would be nice to use on a formal night on a competing cruise line...
  11. It goes right up the river virtually into downtown. The exact docking location is variable as the Silver Shadow docked a little closer than us and there were river ships berthed directly in front of us. The dock itself was very run-down so not sure if it has an exact name. It was before the Ferry Terminal and the Bridge. The shuttle drops off near the Sheraton Hotel.
  12. We were on this itinerary several weeks ago. Take the Seabourn bus to the beach (not the market) as this area is quite nice. You get dropped off on a muddy dirt road, but take those few steps to the beach-very peaceful. Sihanoukville town is a disaster and the Chinese have now overrun the place with new condo construction, but zero infrastructure. Lots of staff go to the beach as the food and drink are very cheap. For Laem Chabang, you can take the bus to Pattaya. It drops you at a very nice mall where you could walk to massage shops ($8/hr), the beach, etc. Otherwise arrange a taxi to take you to the Sanctuary of Truth.
  13. Actually this Ashley was from South Africa. She was great and would try (if she was in the right part of the dining room) to get our correct drinks from the start. She also worked on the pool deck at times including the caviar in the pool event.
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