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  1. This. Cruise lines really don't pay much tax to any country and so are seen as undeserving of a bailout. Until they can test all passengers for Corona Virus as they walk down the gangway, how are port authorities going to trust they will not be receiving another Diamond Princess, Ruby Princess, (add name of multiple other cruise ships)? Also many (most) crew members come from countries that have not been adequately testing for Covid-19. Until this virus burns out in those countries, there is no way cruising will be able to restart. Finally, how is cruising going to begin when almost all international and domestic flights are grounded? The airline 'restart' will be slow and airfares expensive. Many airlines will be forced out of business and others will be dramatically altered. In Australia, our two airlines have almost completely stopped all service. Try getting from Melbourne to Sydney next week...Normally the second busiest route in the world (think 737 and A330 widebody service every 15 minutes during peak hours), we have one Qantas service per day going via Canberra on a 72 seat turboprop. One airline (Virgin) is likely to go bankrupt (no bailout) and the other may very well become a domestic only airline for a long time. Cruising before 2021 just does not equate.
  2. I'd say that is a very realistic scenario. Here in Western Australia they are saying to plan for our borders to remain closed until after Christmas (not just the international border, but our closed state border).
  3. So am I correct in understanding that all Carnival Corp owned lines with the exception of Cunard are now allowing people to cancel and receive a FCC?
  4. Well so much for this thread...Why don't we throw in politics and tipping just to add to the excitement.😷
  5. Makes you wonder if this was planned a little further in advance than what guests were told...I wonder if this means the February 29th cruise will still leave from Singapore as scheduled?
  6. I'd say what you posted was pretty generous from SB. Risk taking the cruise and be rewarded with the 50% FCC, otherwise cancel and get a refund in the form of a FCC.
  7. Several cruise lines such as Oceania have stated that anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees or 38C will be denied boarding with no compensation. Their solution is to claim with your insurance company which I have a feeling will deny most of these sorts of claims. Just to be clear, Seabourn has not implemented this policy but they are screening embarking passengers. If you have a fever, you may be denied under the current circumstances and a refund may or may not be forthcoming.
  8. Could very well be this way. The Singapore authorities might however decide that letting cruise ships dock is too much of a risk to the population. Plus they probably want to devote their medical resources to taking care of their own citizens and not having to manage the care of cruise ship passengers like the Japanese.
  9. We just found out that we could get away during this period, so had planned to book this week. If you are under penalty, I can understand a wait and see approach. Seabourn may end up being more flexible with people cancelling as this cruise approaches. Unfortunately we don't want to risk having to board in Colombo or somewhere else with no help from Seabourn.
  10. We were planning to take the April 17th Singapore-Dubai, but have decided against it. Singapore may very well be the next port to ban cruise ships. In any case we always purchase our own air and it would be a nightmare trying to change things at the last minute. QM2 is now skipping Singapore as an embarkation port and sailing straight to Fremantle. If more cases are diagnosed, I would expect other cruise lines to make similar adjustments
  11. This is the problem with Thailand. The 25 confirmed coronavirus cases could actually be 615. (https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30381762) I just don't trust the authorities and I live there half the year. There was also an announcement today that Thailand still has over 100,000 Chinese tourists in the country. Personally I think Seabourn is going to have real difficulties with their remaining Asia cruises. They may need to think about redeploying Ovation to Europe early.
  12. The issue for these countries is that statistically speaking there should be more cases of the Coronavirus. Indonesia for example (275 million people), has no cases of the virus and Thailand has very low numbers considering the number of Chinese that visit. The virus could be spreading undetected in these countries due to the medical system, government or a combination. This link is from Abc news in Australia:https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-08/china-offers-citizens-return-flight-bali-to-wuhan-coronavirus/11945554
  13. It is quite possible Laem Chabang will welcome all the cruise ships. Thailand has had a very friendly response to the Coronavirus. Flights to China are still operating normally and there are no restrictions on arrivals (currently). The Thai PM (Junta leader) has made it clear that he does not want to irritate China and their tourist $$$$ to the country. Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia have made similar statements.
  14. 61 infected on the quarantined Princess ship now...Seabourn and others sailing in circles. How many passengers are going to want to embark (or will be able to embark) on upcoming Asian cruises? This is going to be a disaster for the cruise industry.
  15. I would imagine the demand for Asian cruises is going to plummet. There should be some very good deals in the near future for those brave enough.
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