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  1. I have your san fran coffe cups nice and safe in one piece. Can you email me at kwokfrank at yahoo and i can send you some pics of hawaii coffee mugs?
  2. If you think all flights get more expensive as the dates get closer to departure, I have some brand new prime oceanfront land on Hawaii to sell you. The airlines do discount flights if there the flight is not selling well. Sometimes I have gotten a cheaper price 90 days compared to 330 days out. Actually I have mainly found flights to be cheaper about 300 days out than the initial price at 330 days. Unless it is an airline starting service to a new destination and having a fire sale to get some media blitz.
  3. You would get 13 points for the cruise and land tour or 26 points if booked in a suite.
  4. Taxi driver told me that it was $20 to fll airport this past feb. Informed him that signs where he picked us. Up said there was no flat rate to airport and are metered. He turned on meter and it was a little over $15 to airport. Gave him a $20 for fare and tip. So in the end, he was right about the fare. To OP, once you exit terminal building go towards the left and there is a line of taxis waiting to take you anywhere you want to pay to go to.
  5. Ans the next block ON the 70 point mark.
  6. Drink package on board is usually about $60 then take the 30% d+ diacount off that. I have seen sales on the cruise planner that come out cheaper than buying with the d+ discount.
  7. You get 30% off the full price which would make it a minimum of $42 plus 18% gratuity. You have to buy drink package onboard if you want the D+ 30% discount.
  8. The d lounge uses the viking crown lounge. Is there overflow for the c lounge? Any other news as we got off her about 6 weeks ago.
  9. There is also a weight limit to what the cart that the two of you ride. I forgot the weight limit though but it has to be a over 350lbs or so.
  10. If you are the all day driver, they give you an all day driver band. You have to be on the sled every time to take someone else as passenger. When my son was 9, i rode the coaster with him 34 times in one day. If you are going to do the coaster many times, i recommend bringing a beach towel or two to sit on while riding. The seats are hard plastic and this will soften the jolts. Enjoy your ride on the dragons tail coaster!
  11. Dont believe there is tendering in any port on her standard alaska cruises. Will be on ovation july 5 and report if there are any priority lines for d+ to get off ship. I am saying there wont be any priority tenders but I could be wrong.
  12. I agree. The capt morgans spice rum is a good addition. My wife doesnt drink but she could taste the difference between bailys and the new stuff. She says either works with her coffee.
  13. I wonder what kind of reaction if my son and I wore our gold pins into the D lounge at happy hour 😈 ?? Might make for some interesting conversation with fellow cruisers.
  14. Have always used a lanyard with a quick release so that I can give the card to employee if they have to run card through register. Makes it very easy to do so and I won't lose it. If it wasn't for the lanyard, I would lose the card all the time. If my son didn't have a lanyard I would have to go with him to GS multiple times a day!
  15. DL is a great place to meet others that share the same passion of cruising. You can reach D+. We have to fly a little further than you to get to the east coast of the CONUS to cruise. It was well worth it for the experiences, people we have met and friends we have made. I am lucky that we are able to cruise and make some lifelong friends on this awesome journey.
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