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  1. Yes its right there in your Cruise Manager called Health Assessment
  2. Yes and when you get the letter with the link to apply for an exemption fill it out right away.
  3. Congratulations. You dont need a letter. You can use your award on any upcoming cruise. It doesnt have to be the very next cruise. You will get extra OBC. Its 25% of your share of the basic cost of that cruise. If it costs $1,000 you will get $250 so pick one of your more expensive ones. Choose one where you will be doing a lot of shore excursions etc Just call the special phone number It used to be 877-225-8477 Tell them which cruise you wish to apply the OBC too.
  4. Watch that 72 hours requirement. What time is your check-in? You might want to get him tested in the afternoon to be sure.
  5. Well that's normal for Port C. That's how it use to be. We're Diamonds and we were in the new Terminal for the MG on 8/14 The D/P were out mingled with the "other's" while the suites had a room of their own. We didnt have Priority on our luggage tags or boarding pass.
  6. Yes they wont say no to your American dollars.
  7. Yes you'll be OK My boarding passes have never reflected my whole name any time Ive cruised.. Just first and last. Carnival had let me on the ship every time., including last month.
  8. I was able to copy some of it. The Delta variant of the COIVD-19 virus has created complications for cruise companies like Carnival Corporation, the world's biggest cruise operator. As virus cases plummeted in the US during the first half of this year, it appeared the country could return to pre-pandemic life by the summer or fall. But Delta variant and the threat of other COVID-19 variants that could evade vaccines have created more uncertainty about the speed with which Carnival will be able to return its full fleet to service, and whether further safety measures might be necessary. Already, the company — which resumed cruises in the US, its biggest market, in July — has experienced a COVID-19 outbreak on one of its ships, the Carnival Vista, after which a passenger died (Carnival told The New York Times it believed that passenger didn't contract the disease on the Vista). "With all of the variants, it certainly casts some doubt into how long it's going to take before they're back at full strength," Wedbush Securities analyst James Hardiman told Insider. The good news for Carnival is that the demand for cruises is strong. The company expects its full fleet to be in service by the spring of 2022. "We are scheduled to have 65% of our overall capacity sailing by year end," a Carnival spokesperson told Insider. "There is a pent-up demand for cruising, especially among past guests that are anxious to sail again." If things don't get worse than they are now, the company, and the cruise industry as a whole, look primed for a strong recovery, Ivan Feinseth, the chief investment officer at Tigress Financial Partners, told Insider. "I think all is good for the industry," he said. But the uncertain trajectory of COVID-19 variants raises the possibility that the world could be faced with a public-health crisis for years to come, with a significant percentage of the population unvaccinated and new variants that could potentially outrun existing vaccines. Such a scenario would not put Carnival out of business, Hardiman said, but it would place the company in a financial bind. Carnival has spent the past year replacing older ships with new, more efficient, and higher-capacity vessels, a move that should lower its costs, Hardiman said. But in a world where COVID-19 variants flare indefinitely and countries don't have the tools to contain them, Carnival might not be able to operate its ships at full capacity, which would eliminate some of the financial benefits of its fleet upgrade. Carnival's future profits "rely on a certain amount of utilization," CFRA Research analyst Andrew Tam told Insider. Carnival has proven resilient in the face of a historic challenge, but more bad news on the COVID front could delay its return to full strength.
  9. When we fly to a cruise I google the local supermarkets, packet stores that are within a couple of blocks of the hotel then just walk down and get whatever wine etc we want. The pharmacies in Florida are cheaper than other states.
  10. Have a great cruise. Shes a lovely ship.
  11. 6PM? That late? We left between 4-5PM on 8/14.
  12. Pick the do not have for now. You should get another survey closer to your cruise at which time you should have your exemption letters and can then choose the have answer. Dont wait to answer any letter you get.
  13. I didnt know you had to test before flying domestically. When did that happen?
  14. Maybe someone has turned up positive during the cruise even though they had a neg test result before the cruise. That one day less might show the positive result earlier. Carnival is desperate to make nice with the CDC. I thought they were doing OK. Do they really want to loss more customers? Cruising use to be such fun.
  15. If Carnival continues into Nov/Dec what they are doing already the unvaccinated get Rapid tested before and after by Carnival and also have to bring a negative result from a 72 hours PCR/NAAT with them.
  16. Go to Cruise Manager and check your luggage tags for that cruise. They should say Platinum or Priority or whatever. Before the virus we had Priority. Right now its Platinum and Diamond
  17. Then call Carnival to find out 800-764-7419 Theyre open until 10PM EST
  18. Ronie the cook at Teppanaki is going to the Celebration.
  19. The child is under 12 at the start of the cruise. Shouldnt he/she be able to get an exemption?
  20. So unfair to the children. They have to have the PCR test right?
  21. RC is going to go there too. So if there 2 CCL ships and 1 or 2 RC that would be crowded.
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