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  1. Well I decided to go ahead and book it!! Can't wait till next August, 402 days to go!
  2. I've cruised twice, both times with Royal Caribbean on their smaller ships and they were perfect for us. Our in-laws have decided they would like to go on a cruise next year but want us to go with them as they haven't travelled abroad for over 30 years. For my husband and I we like an all-inclusive drinks package if possible but Royal aren't offering this yet, Celebrity prices are way over what we want to pay and NCL don't have an itinerary we like from the Med at the time of year we want to go. I know it's not even cruising till May 2019 but would you say it will compare to Royal? I can't seem to find much information on it (maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but I've been googling and can't see much).
  3. My inlaws are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary next year and we have suggested taking them on their first cruise - my hubby and I have been on 3 now and they seem to like the idea. neither of them will fly which restricts us to leaving from Southampton port. Their anniversary is in October and I've seen a 5 night Royal Caribbean cruise but wondered what the seas/weather is like at this time of year? It will be travelling to Northern Spain and somewhere in France plus Guernsey I think. Not sure whether to just do a taster cruise in August when the weather should be much warmer, I've also seen a 3 night one with Royal and I'm thinking we would get more time outdoors by going at this time of year. I don't think they are bothered about the itinerary, they just want to experience a cruise... I'm torn and don't know what to do! If it's choppy and cold late October then I think it would put them off forever ha ha!!
  4. Sorry to butt in on this thread but I'm wondering if they have offered late disembarkation on this cruise? We'll be on it in 3 weeks but our flight home to the UK isn't until 10pm so I'd love to have this option if possible. I've read previous year's posts about paying 39 euros and being able to stay onboard till 3pm, just wondered if anyone had seen this offered this year. Thanks
  5. Wow, thank you so much for your detailed response! We always fly to Orlando with Virgin Atlantic and have used their bag drop option at Disney Springs many times, it's fab! For a $10 fee they give you your boarding passes and take your luggage to the airport, leaving you to spend the last few hours shopping etc. Then we just get a taxi to the airport,go straight through security and board our plane... it's available from 8am to 1pm for all Virgin customers flying back to the UK. I think we will be happy to use Uber then, I have just downloaded the app and those prices do seem very reasonable, thanks. I wish I could return the favour with such a good response as yours, however Greenwich is around a 7 hours drive from where I live!! I have found a website that may be of some use with a list of accommodation options. You may need to read a bit more about each hotel but they should say how close to the port the hotel is. Sorry I can't be more useful! It's http://www.visitgreenwich.org.uk/accommodation/ The Intercontinental is a luxury hotel but does get amazing reviews. As I'm unsure of the distance between the hotels and the port you will be leaving from i would maybe use google maps and see which ones are closest.
  6. Hi, my husband and I are spending a week in Orlando before taking a cruise with NCL from Port Canaveral. I'd like to stay near the port the night before then when the cruise is finished we need to get back to Orlando, but not the airport because our flight is not until 8pm. We are from the UK and not keen on driving to be honest, what I would really like is a private transfer/taxi/uber from our hotel in Orlando to the hotel near the port, then a return transfer to Disney Springs where we can offload our cases with our airline company from 8am. I'm sure thousands of people must spend time in Orlando before transferring for their cruise, but I've read conflicting reports about being able to use Uber, and the prices I'm seeing for private transfers are upwards of $240. So I would appreciate some feedback/thoughts on the best way to do this, thanks very much :)
  7. No I'm actually on the Greek cruise from Civitavecchia on 17th June. Picked this cruise purely for the itinerary, but the ship looks fab from what I've seen and read so far!
  8. This is perfect! Thank you SO much, you have given me so much useful information. I do fancy the 70's night, and the love and marriage show sounds good fun too! Reading your response has made me even more excited now :)
  9. My husband and I will be on the Jewel in 6 weeks, which includes a couple of sea days. Our shore excursions are sorted but I would love to hear about what we can do/shouldn't miss on the sea days.... we have only ever cruised once before and that was a 3 day in the Bahamas with no sea days so we are unsure about how to make best use of our 2 days at sea and also the evenings. All our drinks are included but I don't want to get too sloshed in the daytime! I presume there are lots of daily activities that I will find out about on the form they leave in the room, but I'm after suggestions from real people that have been... any tips, secrets, things that not everyone knows about? What type of shows do they do at night? Do they do any themed parties later on in the evening? If I'm feeling peckish at midnight where is the best place to get a snack? I'm very excited but also starting to feel anxious because I'm very much a forward planner and like to research as much as possible. Yes I know I should just go with the flow, but I've saved hard for this cruise and want to come away feeling like we experienced everything on offer. I've done a lot of general reading on this forum but would love to know more, especially from people that have cruised on this ship recently. Many thanks
  10. Thanks for the replies... I feel more relaxed about it now. I should just learn to go with the flow instead of over thinking everything!
  11. Hi, we will be on the Jewel in June and have booked an excursion through Royal Caribbean. Our ship docks (or tenders I think) at 1pm, bearing in mind I have never booked any excursions before and this is only my second cruise, I am slightly confused. I thought I had read that cruise passengers with booked excursions get priority in being taken to shore, is that right? So we get there at 1pm but my excursion says the trip is for 1.46pm..... Can someone please explain the procedure for people who have made bookings in advance, I haven't got a clue what to do! Do we meet somewhere else on the boat and all go together, or do we meet where we get off the ship? And does this mean we will actually be one of the last passengers to get off? Many thanks, sorry for sounding stupid!
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