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  1. I don't think anyone ended the cruise at FL, as the idea was to go transatlantic. I was confused because it went between two US ports without visiting a foreign one which I had thought was not allowed. I think I understand now! Thank you.
  2. I was curious about a cruise I took 4 years ago. It left Houston and called at Ft. Lauderdale to pick up additional passengers, then went transatlantic to England, stopping at Bermuda. Passengers were allowed to get off in both FL and Bermuda. How did this comply with the PVSA regulations?
  3. Some of my posts have disappeared after responding to another post. I did not receive notification of this. I was trying to correct false information that was posted. Can you provide an explanation of why this is happening? Thank you
  4. Very simple really. None of these diseases have caused the entire industry to shut down. Neither do they spread as rapidly and easily as COVID-19 does. The other previous coronaviruses such as SARS and MERS did not effect cruising at all and there were no huge outbreaks on ships. The 1919 influenza pandemic predated recreational cruising as we know it now, but I don't think passenger shipping was curtailed. There are no vaccines for common cold or Norovirus currently available, although Norovirus vaccines are in development. Since Norovirus does cause serious issues on cruise ships, it is enti
  5. I respond only because you asked. Ask the ones at Alabama, U-North Carolina, and a few others which have gone to online classes. Even BYU has problems! A college campus is just like a cruise ship, close living quarters, large dining facilities, tight seating in lecture halls (theaters), lots of socializing. (As a retired college professor, I can tell you the only people who are more resistant to obeying rules are the faculty!)
  6. I agree, for this cruise in this location. I imagine similar cruises could be done in other countries, such as a cruise around the UK just for UK residents among others. My point was that it is unlikely to be replicated for sailings from US ports which I believe is the preference of the majority of the readers of this board, myself included. (BTW, children in schools are completely different from adults on cruise ships. The children obey the rules and instructions).
  7. But who were the passengers? All EU, I understand. Does anyone really think that this would work here? People don't want to follow the rules on masks and distancing in their own locations. Bars are being opened and then shut down again. Watch what happens to the case numbers after Labor Day. Cruises will be no different. The most hopeful course is for the vaccines. Even then people will refuse to get them. There are a substantial number of people who don't even believe the virus death numbers. Sorry to be perceived as negative, but it is reality.
  8. Unless in a US built and flagged vessel, which I don't think any of the major cruise lines operate (other than in Hawaii).
  9. Who were the passengers on this cruise? Willingness to comply with rules varies tremendously from country to country. Also was this a cruise that stopped at ports outside Italy, or just a round trip from Genoa within Italy? If the latter, these are not permitted from US ports.
  10. I, like almost everyone else, guessed that this would happen, especially when I was given an extension to make the final payment for our October 10 cruise until later in August. It seems the CSR may have known that this was coming so agreed to my request. I had three cabins booked for the family and will rebook for sometime in 2022. I think that 2021 may be too early to predict how this all will transpire. Back in March I was fairly confident that the case numbers would have declined by now and we would have the pandemic under control, as has happened in many other
  11. We got our refund for the April 5th Volendam Panama Canal cruise a few days ago. It took a couple of calls to get to the right person and then it was done shortly after. We will probably book a similar cruise for 2022 if circumstances allow. 2021 seems to be too soon.
  12. All readers of this thread: Please look at this web site https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/florida/ Scroll down to the section with the charts. Look at the one showing daily death numbers. You will see that Boatseller is totally incorrect. QED
  13. Well, why are they running out of ICU beds all over the state, and other states?
  14. Having a medical degree or epidemiological training is fundamental to fully understanding this pandemic. It is bad information being put out by people without medical expertise that is creating the worsening of the problem. Why is there a huge concern about Florida and some other states if everything is fine as you are asserting here? There is more to medical science than "folding protein chains" that is not properly understood by non-qualified or educated people. The Swedish approach is now widely viewed as a complete failure. Their citizens are not permitted to travel to othe
  15. You want science? Check here: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Look at all the data from each country including the graphs and charts. You can also look up many other scientific studies. I am not doing your literature search for you. The point is to keep the new cases (and deaths) going down, not up. Once that is accomplished, a vaccine, together with effective treatments will be needed to keep the cases down. Flu virus is very different, in its transmissibility and the symptoms for most people are nowhere near as severe with the numbers in ICU
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