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  1. She was told she would get seasick by her mother. Because her mother got “seasick” on a ship that was on dry land. SMH
  2. It was fifteen years my late wife and I took our first cruise. She had said for years she would never cruise because she knew she would get sea sick. As we stepped aboard the Sovereign of the Seas her eyes lit up at the splendor of the ship and she was hooked on cruising. We would cruise Royal Caribbean several more times . Our last being a back to back on Sovereign one cruise before it’s leaving the fleet.
  3. We cruised on Empress to Cuba two years ago. And we loved it small not over crowded and plenty of places sit and watch the sea from.
  4. If it isn’t too late run as fast as you can from this place. In February my wife had surgery at a now defunct laser spine institute. This place came recommended by the surgery center. On check we were put in a room with old worn out carpet from the 80’s and she developed a sinus problem almost immediately to the point she was fearing her surgery would be canceled(in hindsight it may have not been such a bad idea). We arranged the shuttle to take us to the center at 8:45 am when no one could tell us where it was at 9:15 hoped in the car and rushed through morning traffic to make her appointment. For this we got a 20% refund and free ice cream.
  5. Believe it or not these pictures were taken with an iPhone 7s
  6. On the other hand I have nothing but praise for the crew on Liberty this past week. Two days before our sailing we found our selves considering canceling our cruise due to my wife after mobility issues. We called Carnival they told us to bring bring the wheelchair. Help was everywhere for us. When we arrived at our muster station, we were taken inside to the Golden Olympian dining room where the special need station was located.
  7. Two days before our recent cruise due to a medical issue we found ourselves considering canceling our cruise. We contacted Carnival to explore our options. The call taker kindly listened to our dilemma and came up with a solution, by telling us there would be no problem with bringing a wheelchair. When we arrived at our outside muster station we were taken to the alternate station in the dining room. The muster drill was the easiest of them all. Everyone from crew to passengers were fantastic and understanding of our dilemma. We had been upgraded from an ocean view 2nd level to a upper deck6 balcony. This was the first balcony I was able to enjoy while underway at sea. It allowed me to get what I think were outstanding shots of the moon on the water which I have attached . We had the anytime dinner in the third floor Golden Olympian. The staff was fantastic and accommodating. While I am adventurous when it comes to to food my wife is very down to earth in her taste and we were able to find something to meet our taste. The ports Nassau is Nassau, I had been there 8 times and not much has changed. Freeport this was my first time in this port and I was not disappointed. We had to cancel our excursion because they could not accommodate my wife, the cost was credited to our OBC so we lost nothing. We ended up looking at the shops in the port area and made a few small purchases. Many complain that the port is nothing special, it is a working port. I for one enjoyed watching the operation of the port. I enjoyed watching the comings and goings of the port, but, that is me I enjoy the common everyday things in life. Disembarkation was a bit of a mess while the ship says the goal is to have everyone off by 9:45 they missed this time with no explanation, This was my first Carnival cruise in 11 years and based on our experience this will not be our last.
  8. Obviously designed by some young kid with perfect eyesight. But this an ongoing problem across quite a few platforms on line.
  9. I have been lucky to fly on the Goodyear Blimp. I would like my wife to have the in the Carnival Blimp.
  10. I got a email for an upgrade for from an ocean view to a balcony. This my on only second cruise on Carnival (took it) . In 8 with another never had an upgrade.
  11. I am back on Liberty 10/21 after 11 years away. I won a golden piece do “Ship” in 2007 for Mr. and Mrs. Death take a vacation. Denice you will be remembered .
  12. First call Carnival special needs customer service see what they say. Second be aware that the medical staff on board may not be familiar with the device, Visit them when you get on board to explain it to them. In all probability the emergency response team will not know what it is and how to handle it.
  13. We were in Havana last year. Saw very few children on the street. And we were told not to give anything to the kids we saw. They are supposed to be in school which is state provides from age 5 to 25 fre of charge.
  14. It has been 11 years since I sailed Carnival. Do they still award “Golden pieces of Ship”?
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